The Kansas City Star has been keeping Mary Sanchez out of the spotlight for the past few weeks.

While progressives have made some significant gains going into Midterm 2018 - The Star's most liberal lady has been mostly silent.

Until now . . .

What is Mary Sanchez serving up her readers for the holidays? Establishment Democratic Party talking points!!!

Here's her latest . . .

Mary Sanchez: America's Party of God doubles down on Trump

Money line:

"It is difficult for many Americans to understand how evangelicals can possibly believe that Trump is standing up for Christian morality and principles. It appears, rather, that he has used them just as he has used and abused so many suckers before in his reckless career."

You decide . . .


  1. She is airing her grievances for Festivus.

  2. Mary has lurched into the Diuguid rut of writing columns.
    Same topics and endless whining...
    OVER and OVER again.
    And it's clear she really doesn't think she has to take the time to learn enough to know what she's talking about.
    Mary, we get it.
    You wish Hillary had been elected and now the world is coming to an end.
    But it's unhealthy to become so obsessed with something that YOU can't do anything about.
    Go ride the trolley and read a good book.

  3. Thank God for no picture of Mary in a bikini. That was nasty.

  4. ""It is difficult for many Americans to understand..."

    The usual line of condescending shit from Progressive Apparatchiks who puke out agitprop talking points like a Chatty Cathy whenever they are confronted with indisputable facts that don't adhere to "The Narrative".

  5. The same old intolerant Mary Sanchez is a broken record.

  6. I haven't read the Star for a couple of years but take comfort in the fact that Sanchez will soon be an unemployed blogger.

  7. Everyone with brains hates Trump. Nothing new there. Hell even his whore wife hates him.

  8. The Overton window closed on me as I was running from the deep-state agenda. Defacto Brownshirts with their spurious & specious narratives under direct orders from their Progressive enablers, the lickspittle press, Hollywood, entertainers and everyone else who doesn't think like me wanted me fukin dead man. They wanted me fuckin' dead!

    I was killed in a deadly sharknado that nobody talks about or remembers.

  9. Dirty Mary needs to take some Motrin and tea and stay away from the computer.

  10. Does anyone really read the star?

  11. So glad Trump is our president. My 401K is up 15% since February, my business is doing very well, I am going to get a great bonus and raise in February 2018, and now I learn my taxes will be reduced by $1800 a year. I am almost tired of winning. Sorry BLM, DACA, environmentalists, non-Christians, abortionists, and "Never Trumpers," but I am doing great with President Trump. Mary Sanchez just hates the fact that an average, American is doing well and doesn't have an axe to grind under Trump.

  12. ^^^OK @8:58am ...but-The rest of us have a this thing called a soul. It won't allow us to support a serial liar, philanderer, thief, sexual deviant, convicted racist (look it up), draft-dodger, incompetent businessman, traitor, Nazi sympathizer, thin-skinned cretin, uneducated moron, atheistic, short-fingered vulgarian. But you know, we can't all be dead inside like you.

  13. ^^^^ Why you talk about bill and Hillary like that? They were the bestus this country has ever seen! Lmao!!

  14. Pro tip: Nobody under 65 uses Lmao pops, it's supposed to be LMAO anyway. Back to the day room. Your diaper's full.

  15. Some clod dullard using "pro tip" while advising others on the hip and happening internet slang.

    Now THAT'S some funny stuff right there.

  16. ^^Yes, funny and necessary. Unfortunately this blog is populated by geriatric idiots. They are not the demographic we are looking for. Anything that can help educate or run them off is appreciated and warranted.

  17. Wow.....Mary out did herself with that stupid worthless rant.

    Ok Mary, we all know you hate Trump so stop trying to come up with a different story each time you feel the need to try and bash him.

    And as always Mary had to take a stab at white people not only once but twice showing her overall disliking of white people. But since she is hispanic I guess she is allowed to do so and not be called a racist.

  18. ^^Herp Derp. Me a stupid dave...I a dumb-dumber. Herp derp.

  19. Hello Dear Reader,

    Today we are slumming in Baltimore Maryland, one of the many formerly great historic American cities decimated by liberal Democratic Party politics. Approximately 40 miles NE of Washington, D.C. and with a municipal population of some 600k residents, it is Maryland's largest city.

    Baltimore and Kansas City Missouri share some surprising similarities, while separated by half a continent. Both cities are similar in size and are the largest in their state. Both have experienced population declines over the last many decades with Baltimore peaking in the 1950's and KC's zenith reached in the 1960-70's. Sixty-three percent of Baltimore residents are African-American, while that number is 30-percent in KCMO. Both are inefficiently governed by Democratic Party operatives. While the Cordish Company is headquartered in Baltimore, they were welcomed to KCMO to drain millions of dollars each year from our city budget with their subsidized Power and Light District and luxury residential towers. The Baltimore City Council approved a $660 million bond deal in 2016 for their largest ever TIF redevelopment project in city history, while KCMO passed a record $800 million dollar bond deal for largely unspecified infrastructure projects. Both cities have a perpetual problem with above average crime and homicide rate.

    Now, let's delay no longer, and decipher the political propaganda proffered here by Mary Sanchez, agent provocateur of the Democratic National Committee and Media Matters. It seems Ms. Sanchez, the pro-Hillary, pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, pro-illegal immigration avowed Catholic, still has her shorts in a twist over the election of Donald Trump. It's been over a year now! But alas, when your mind has been robbed of the basic tenets of right/wrong, moral/immoral, a sole flawed idea may perpetually bounce back and forth unimpeded by gray matter, like a point of discussion amongst The Kansas City Star Editorial Board.

    Mary Sanchez leads with the question: Is God a Democrat or a Republican?
    She then immediately does a face-plant, no doubt having been struck down by The Almighty as well as the ghost of Aristotle.

    Sanchez doesn't like Christian Evangelicals. More specifically, she detests white Christian Evangelicals who publicly express their views and exercise their legal right to assemble, speak, and exercise their faith. This from a woman who routinely writes public newspaper editorials without author attribution, and promoted her work as "the voice of the Latina." Identity politics anyone?

    One of the most well-known phrases attributed to Jesus is the quote, "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."
    Now I suppose Ms. Sanchez might take issue with the "him" part, and substitute a non-gender-specific term while railing against the misogynistic history of our written word, but I would ask her one question, "To this day, when couples get engaged to be married, who typically expects and receives an expensive ring?" (Hint: It's not the man)

    Mary Sanchez, "go and sin no more!"

  20. Mary needs to get off the keyboard and go whip up some Christmas tacos.

  21. Is god a Democrat or a Republican ? The same question applies to Mr. Trump. Be honest with yourselves they all dislike him because he is a citizen, just like god is.

  22. Mary has a niche market she caters to

  23. ^^^^^^I heard she has a really nasty, hairy niche. Didn't know she had a catering business with it.

  24. Shut the f--K up dirty sanchez.

  25. Is Narley Snatcheeze a lesbo or something Tony? You sure give her a lot of free publicity amoung the 13 people who get liquored up and stop by your blog.

  26. Wow, Tony. You must be proud to inspire a group of comments like this. What a service you provide to the betterment of human kind. And by the way, Mary Sanchez wrote this on December 1st, and has written four other columns since. So how it's being "served up for Christmas", I'm not quite sure. The special Christmas serving of hate appears to have come from you, Tony. What IS apparent from the comments here is that many of Trump's supporters are rude, crude, self-centered oafs, incapable of intelligent commentary or discussion or true reflection on how their hero-President's actions are in direct conflict with his religious talking points. Remember that he has spoken with some detail on matters of morality in the past: "I did try and fuck her. She was married. I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn't get there. And she was married. You know I'm automatically attracted to beautiful.I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything ... grab them by the pussy. You can do anything." Donald Trump, the President of the United States. A real star. And you have the nerve to bad mouth Mary Sanchez for an opinion column? (BTW, deplorables, I'm an Independent, 60+ working white male, not a Hillary fan, and certainly not Trump's kind of Christian.)


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