Thursday, December 28, 2017


Ongoing theme for 2017 - Local ladies continue to report potential predators posing as law enforcement. Here's the latest incident:

Woman reports man impersonating officer to KCPD

A woman called the police after she was pulled over by someone impersonating a police officer on Tuesday. The man was driving a dark Ford SUV with a light bar, police said. The caller was suspicious of how the man was dressed and how he spoke, although he presented himself as an officer.


Anonymous said...

Where did this incident happen in kc metro area?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, not very many details. Where it was at, what time of day, whether she sucked him off to get out of the ticket, what she was wearing, was she hot, did she have Big tits, etc.

Anonymous said...

Go down to police headquarters there are hundreds of fake cops.

Anonymous said...

Any moron can tell fake KCPD. The fakes wons don't curse you out during a traffic stop, taze you or beat your ass when no one is looking. Sheesh! How hard is this?