Friday, December 29, 2017

Legal Roadblocks Await Rigged Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar In 2018 Election Year

Kansas City's favorite development scheme is threatened by a lack of funding and political fighting. Here's an objective round-up from the Biz Journal . . . Take a look:

$227M Kansas City streetcar expansion faces legal challenges in 2018 - Kansas City Business Journal

Streetcar expansion efforts may begin rolling again in 2018 now that a lawsuit challenging the vote to establish a transportation development district (TDD) is closer to home. Recently transferred to the Jackson County Circuit Court, the lawsuit challenges the August vote to expand the Kansas City streetcar line south at an estimated cost of $227 million.


Anonymous said...

As well there should be.

Question 1 addressed this perfectly.

No expansion without CITYWIDE approval.

Anonymous said...

The river side extension doens't need a vote, it's already happening.


Polar Bear said...

Ride that dead horse you fucking idiot. That Toy Train will roll all over the metro. Choo Choo.....the Killa City Wino Express coming to a neighborhood near you.