Thursday, December 07, 2017

Kemper Museum Kaput In KCMO Crossroads

There were some great shows in this gallery and it offered important opportunities for upcoming local artists . . . Now they're calling it quits as this part of town becomes far too pricey for the art world denizens who initially inspired the bubble. Read more:

After Nearly A Decade In The Crossroads, Kemper Museum Closes Gallery

The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art's third location, Kemper at the Crossroads, has closed. "An exhibition on display there was scheduled to close on Saturday, December 2," says Breeze Richardson, director of marketing and communications. "It felt like the most appropriate way to frame the closing, not installing a subsequent exhibition."


Anonymous said...

Gentrification can be a real bitch sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Even the Kempers know when the Chamber of Commerce kills