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Hottie Leanna helps us consider this top Kansas City metro fire issues and news link in hopes that our blog community is staying nice and toasty but safe amid falling temperatures. Take a peek:

Kansas City Deadly Inferno Legacy

Fire and Justice

This podcast is from the Center for Investigative Reporting, which co-produces the "Reveal" radio show and podcast with PRX. "Reveal" features CIR's reporting, as well as stories from public radio stations and a wide range of media partners, both nonprofit and commercial.

Golden Ghetto Good Samaritan Rescue Report

Fire in Shawnee displaces family right before Christmas

Breaking News At 3:00am, Shawnee and Overland Park fire crews responded to a reported house fire located at 10525 W. 57th Terrace. Fire crews arrived with heavy fire showing from the home. The two adult residents were able to escape thanks to a passerby that noticed the fire and alerted the sleeping family.

Metro Tragedy For The Holidays

Oak Grove family loses house two days before Christmas

A family in Oak Grove lost their house overnight to a house fire. This happened just after midnight Saturday in the 800 block of South Harding Street. Two people were able to escape and were not injured. Firefighters battled the flames for over five hours. Because of weather conditions, their gear started to ice over.

First Responders Risk It All

2 firefighters injured in North Kansas City fire

Two firefighters were injured and a cat went missing in a house fire in North Kansas City on Saturday morning. The fire happened in the 1000 block E. 24th Ave. The homeowner told KCTV5 News that she was sitting at the table drinking coffee when she heard a pop, went downstairs, saw the flames, and called 911.

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  1. Always heartbreaking to have to see families hit with a fire anytime of the year but it's really tough at this time of the year when you see that ruined Christmas tree and the packages under it charred, wet and probably ruined from the smell of smoke in anyone's home from a fire right before Christmas. The children are the ones who suffer the most to me as they are the ones who have gotten so excited looking forward to that upcoming Christmas morning. Rich or poor the pain is all the same. Fire is never racist or does it care how much money you have when it decides to attack you it has only one agenda in mind and that is to destroy all it can get ahold of. Keep those in mind and in prayer if that is your way and reach out to your neighbors no matter who they maybe when a disastrous event such as this strikes and be thankful hopefully that you have been spared from such.

    Also be thankful for all the Public Safety people who will have to deal with these frigid temperatures here in winter giving aid to those in need.

  2. +100

    Awesome comment Dave. Nicely done.


    When my old flame Leanna appeared in a plunging neckline, my poker was quickly glowing red!!!

  4. Drove by the home today. So sad. Prayers for the family.


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