KCMO Seyz Goodbye To Mario's In Westport

Credit where it's due, this kind of bittersweet foodie post is what built The Pitch and it might be one of their best bits of journalism so far this year. Read more and don't front on what a classic the Midtown Kansas City is losing:

At Mario's in Westport, powering down the last grinder

Photo by Chase Castor Sometimes, advance warning of bad news doesn't fully prepare you for its reality. So it is for the regulars of Mario's, Westport's beloved red-sauce nook. The restaurant announced last January that the clock was ticking: December 30, 2017, would be its last day, after close to 50 years.


  1. Damn that really narrow the choices down to 150 or so junk food places in Westport. What are we going to do?

  2. We're probably going to watch them all eventually come to their senses and gtf out of there.

  3. ^^^Dead wrong dummy. They are retiring. I would advise you to grow up, but you appear to be a geriatric geezer anyway, You are as always, hopelessly out-of-touch.

  4. ^^^^^
    WRONG BYRON you're the one who needs to grow up, calling people you don't even know or have not seen geriatric geezers LOL how out of touch is that?

    Sad to see the old time places go. I miss Italian gardens too.

  5. Whose this BYRON you keep blathering on about incoherently pops? I wrote @12:42PM and I can assure your Alzheimer's addled brain that I am not Byron.

  6. It's YOU @ 2:12, Byron! Yeah, you're the dementia addled dumb's*t, who's also known as B'lie'RON, and not able to recall your goofy posts. Remember? You're a schizoid-fraudster-racist-white guilt fixated-pretentious-pseudo intellectual- Christian hating-idiot. Those disabilities (currently they are arthritis and blindness, huh?) you claim for GUBMINT bennies sure don't keep you from reading blogs 24/7 and poking at keys to post mostly nonsense.

    Also, check your spelling. "Whose", should be "Who's", West Virginny MENSA marvel!

  7. Well, I see the grumpy men/anonymous trolls who are being ignored by so-called friends and family are really posting alot today. Whatsa mattah, boys? Is your cynicism persona not working on those who must live with you? Is that you, Craig Scholes, the wooden swingset engineer, takin' a few days off in your mancave in Seven Hills? Nothin' but hate to spew?

    Comment on the TOPIC. Them's the rules.

    I will miss Mario's in Westport. Just reading this fun story from the now defunct (for awhile at least) Pitch, recalled the sweet special flavor of Mario's sugo sauce. I hope to drive over in the next two days for a final grinder.

    That said, the namesake ruined his store's reputation what whas it 20 years BEFORE Harvey Weinstein torched his? Mario's sex addiction to young boys cost him the goodwill of many.

    1. I met that guy a few years back. I knew something was "off."

  8. Is that why he named his sandwich the grinder?

  9. Lived here all my life, never went there

  10. We enjoyed Mario's way back when they first opened. Not so much later on. It was time to call it quits. If you want to bring back something good, why not have the old Sidney's reappear. Their Poor Man's Eggs and good, strong coffee were the best. Adios, Mario.



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