Friday, December 15, 2017

KCMO Drunk Driving Suspect Confronts Double Manslaughter After Deadly Crash

A reminder for locals to stay safe and call for a ride this holiday season . . .

Kansas City man accused in Thanksgiving wrong-way crash that killed 2 people faces manslaughter charge

KANSAS CITY, Mo -- Platte County prosecutors filed manslaughter charges Thursday against a 31-year-old Kansas City man in connection to the wrong-way crash that killed two people early Thanksgiving morning. Police say when they arrived at the scene at I-29 near 152 Highway at about 12:50 a.m., on Nov.


Anonymous said...

This guy will get some serious time because it didn’t happen in Jackson County. Jean Petersucker Baker would have recommended probation.

Anonymous said...

Should be murder 1 and an execution waiting. But no they let this fith off easy. Then dumb as society wonders why this happens. Most drunk drivers kill more than once.