Tuesday, December 26, 2017

KCK Holiday Firefighter Tragedy

This 1st responder passing deserves special notice given that the guy showed up to work in order to die. Read more:

KCK firefighter dies while on duty

A Kansas City, Kansas, firefighter/paramedic died early Tuesday while on duty, the Fire Department announced. Fire officials said Jason Garrett, 46, was found unresponsive in his bed by coworkers at Station 19 near 80th Terrace and State Avenue. He was pronounced dead at the fire station.


Anonymous said...

That sucks, I'm going to guess heart attack. It's a high-stress situation and job, long difficult hours, potential for being awake and functioning at a semi-high activity level for 24 hours or more. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Very sad. So sorry for his family. He gave his all for his job.

Anonymous said...

Glad 3 in my family retired in good health from FD careers--one paramedic, and two Captains. Cumulative on the job dangers for fire and medical responders, for those serving for a couple decades, and more, have known health risks. CTE from falls and collisions in cluttered dwellings, especially, is not unheard of. Yes, repeated and frequent adrenaline spikes while sleep deprived has been proven detrimental. Exposures to communicable diseases and unknown toxins, etc. handling patients and contents is dangerous. PLUS, SOME OF THOSE FUBAR OUTDATED KCK FIREHOUSES THAT NEED REPLACED ARE PROBABLY ALOT MORE UNHEALTHY, THAN IS OFFICIALLY KNOWN. IF SLEPT IN AND OCCUPIED FOR THOSE LONG HOURS EACH SHIFT OVER THE RECENT YEARS, THE IAFF MAY NEED TO BE PUSHING UP THE REBUILD SCHEDULE, OR HAVE THE CDC CHECK SOME PREMISES AND PERSONNEL... PRONTO!!!!!!