Friday, December 01, 2017

Kansas Politicos Rally Behind GOP Tax Bill

Solid Sunflower State support for this effort that touts cuts but still confronts a tough battle in the Senate. Read more:

Yoder Defends GOP Tax Cut Bill, Moran Signals Support Ahead Of Vote

Kansas Congressman Kevin Yoder is offering a vigorous defense of the Republican tax cut bill as the U.S. Senate prepares to vote on its version of the controversial measure. In a lengthy news release posted Thursday that Yoder touted as separating myth from fact, the 3rd District representative said the bill does not favor wealthy taxpayers over middle-class families, as Democrats and other critics claim.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, this bill benefits me quite a bit, so I can't complain. However, there's really not a lot of proof that lowering corporate tax rates will do anything. Corporations are effectively paying way under the current rate. And don't even get me started on the repeal of the death tax. If you're part of the .0001% that this current estate tax impacts cry me a river. How about you get off your ass and build something on your own instead of leaching off your parents. I suspect the only wealthy people who get pissed about the death tax are the lazy ass offspring who don't have jobs. At the end of the day, the extremely wealthy will get the largest benefit, to obscene levels in some cases. There's no proof that this will trickle down either. And there's nothing conservative about this deal as it doesn't pay for itself. Hard to do that when your military budget is so high.

Anonymous said...

Well at least it adds 1 trillion to the deficit. So there's that. Glad our elected leaders continue to show fiscal discipline. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Hasn't worked in thirty-seven years of trying the same thing over and over under three different Administrations, but maybe this time will be different, right?

And maybe the next time you accidentally knock over a glass of water it will fall up and puddle on the ceiling.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are concerned about the deficit - that's rich.

Anonymous said...

Well, according to the news reports, the Republicans are shitting their pants about what their bill would do to the deficit, too.

Don't forget that the glorious "Reagan Tax Cuts" that started all this shit TRIPLED THE U.S. DEFICIT IN FOUR YEARS!

Anonymous said...

^^^ stop the agitprop. The 8 years of Reagan increased the national debt by less that $2 trillion. Obama increased it by almost $10 trillion.

Anonymous said...

The GOP that lectures us about dangerous debt turning us into Greece, now says nevermind. That's rich.

Until they tell us next week they have to shut down the government because they won't raise the debt ceiling to pay the bills. They will want cuts to "entitlements" we paid into, like social security and medicare. That's beyond rich and fucking insulting.

They are paying back their donors and screwing the rest of us. Enjoy your new debt and benefit cuts.

Anonymous said...

This cut is for donors and lobbyists.

Pay the Swamp! Pay the Swamp!


Anonymous said...

Agitprop?? No math.

Reagan nearly tripled the debt. $1 trillion to $2.9 trillion.

Remedial math buddy.

Anonymous said...

Tax Cuts were so good for Kansas I see why Yoder wants to die on this hill.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget what Trump estimates is $4 or $5 trillion of money parked overseas by US corporation.

How the hell did it get there? Oh yeah, outsourcing American jobs and profits.

Theses corporations are tax dodgers. They didn't want to pay American wages or taxes. Trump said he was getting tough and they were going to be hit with tariffs. Instead, they get a repatriation tax cut as a reward.

Trump's supporters getting MAGAed right in the ass.

Anonymous said...

3:23 P.M. - Obama also inherited an expensive ass War. The fact that the US has to police the whole fucking world is doing wonders for our budget. Who should we overthrow and destabilize next?

Anonymous said...

Agitprop - % wise Reagan was much worse than Obama.

Anonymous said...

@3:23 - that's over 8 years, not the 4 years you said earlier. Remedial math yourself, buddy.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:40 - pull Obama's dick out of your mouth and do some research. The U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate in the industrial world; dropping it was part of Trump's campaign, as well as renegotiating NAFTA.

Anonymous said...

@4:20 - you're the one spinning the agitprop. Ratio of debt to GDP when departed office - Reagan: 50%. Obama:104%.

Anonymous said...

@ whatever needs a math tutor.

Reagan nearly tripled the debt. He did it with HIS policies. Cut taxes and increase military spending. The annual debt ROSE dramatically during his 8 years. You can argue he needed deficit spending to get out of the 1970s stagflation, but you can't argue he was a deficit hawk. He was classic borrow and spend.

Obama nearly doubled the debt. However, it was largely Bush policies that contributed to it. Bush tax cuts were extend for 2 years because of the great recession. Two wars were still ongoing. Revenues were in the tank because of the crashed economy. Obama did increase the debt with his stimulus bill which was just under $1 trillion, and included tax cuts for businesses. The annual debt DECLINED during his 8 years, from $1 trillion annually in 2009 to half a trillion in 2016. You want to argue there was a lot of debt added - absolutely there was, but be honest about why. He didn't promise to balance the budget and the main goal in 2009 was to stop a second great depression. And due to the sequester, spending was frozen and annual deficits were reduced in the second term.

Post whatever links you want, but try reading it yourself first. You obviously don't understand that data.

Anonymous said...

Arguing about Obama is spilt milk. This is about the current tax bill.

Trump and the GOP railed against debt. They fear monger about the collapse, the gold standard, and Greece. They promised to balance the budget.

Now, they don't care. Permanent tax cuts, mostly to multinational corporations (which shipped American jobs overseas), is a main competent of this bill. Pass through tax relief to LLCs is another.

They admit that this is for their donors. They won't get campaign contributions if they ignore them. It's a shakedown by special interest.

The senate doesn't even know what's going into it at this hour, but they are trying to jam a late night vote without posting it. The GOP used to hate that process too.

For the middle class, many will get a tax INCREASE. When Bush passed a tax cut, at least he made sure everyone got a break, even if it was small. This incompetent GOP won't even guarantee that everyone will get a tax cut. Why? Because not everyone does.

The Swamp is winning. Trump was right. I'm sick of winning.

Anonymous said...

The four year Reagan post was not mine. I know it was 8 years, although I don't see how the difference between 4 and 8 helps you. He still nearly tripled the debt. Borrow and spend.

You are being corrected by multiple posters. That should also tell you something about your lack of understanding.

Anonymous said...

Yoder is a liar.

This bill is for donors and lobbyists.

He keeps saying the "average" family will get x amount of money.

He says "average" to hide the fact that taxes will actually go up for many that lose deductions.

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:50/9:01/9:07 - take a class in critical thinking. You keep repeating the same standard (and untrue) Democratic talking points. Are you a graduate of the KC school system?

Anonymous said...

^^^ Yeah, good post. You are a truly a masterdebator.

You can try to deny the math as partisan. It's still math.

Tillerson is right. Both you and Trump are morons. Stupid MAAAGAAA sheep.

Don't plagiarize the KCMO school line I used on you yesterday. Yes, I noticed it. Unoriginal moron too.

Anonymous said...

^^^ debating with idiots like you would be an exercise in futility. You obviously lack the skills to make and defend even a basic argument.

You're right, math isn't partisan. That's what makes it so ridiculous that you apparently don't even possess rudimentary math skills. Are you really that dumb, or is it that you just regurgitate talking points like a mindless pussy hat wearer?

Yeah, I used your lame ass comment back on you. So perceptive of you to pick up on it! LOL

Anonymous said...

^^^ Putin must be paying by the post.

Doesn't have to make sense. Just post.

Enjoy your new trillions of GOP debt.

Anonymous said...

^^^. Nice comeback. Is the DNC paying you by the post?

You just keep regurgitating the same nonsensical cliches.

Help us pay down Obama's $10 trillion of added debt.