Kansas City Working Poor Christmas 2017

Whilst Prez Trump touts prosperity the reality is that the grind never stops for local denizens who struggle to stay one paycheck ahead of financial oblivion and serve the greedy middle-class who have been trained to loathe both single-payer healthcare (i.e. Medicare for all) and abhor any legislative wage increase despite the fact that the last Prez to really fight for the working poor was gunned down in Dallas.

Enjoy ham and eggs served along with the decline of the American Dream . . .

Going out for Christmas dinner? These restaurants will be open

Dining out on Christmas isn't a new. Chinese take-out on Dec. 25 is something of an unofficial tradition for Jewish people in America, and there's always the emergency restaurant run in the event the roast is ruined. Heck, it happened to the Parkers in "A Christmas Story."


  1. Thank god the waffle house is open.
    My family really wants to splurge this year.

  2. I believe that 2018 will bring hope to the poor souls who eat at waffle house today. Things will get better.

  3. Thank God they opened the doors and let me out this morning. After passing out under the table last night I thought I was going to be in waffle hell until the new year.

  4. You douche bags need to thank your lucky stars for whatever you have. I hear folks complaining about inconsequential stuff when they have food, shelter, clothes and other necessities. I remember having to live from payday to payday, and I am so grateful to have what I have right now. Give thanks and quit bitching.

  5. Not bitching, just making fun of the hapless.


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