Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings

Tonight we celebrate the strongest in Kansas City this week and take a quick peek at their power moves . . . Take a look:

Councilman Lee Barnes

Even if it was a distraction of sorts, and amid the ensuing #BetterKCI blame game - This Councilman raised an important issue about the deets of the Kansas City Airport MOU and ultimately was the public voice in the Council shooting down a sketchy billion dollar plan.

Main St. Toy Train Streetcar Enthusiasts

Extension of the streetcar without a citywide vote was passed but still developers persist with TDD schemes and pretty pictures.

Westport Biz Activist Bill Nigro

Behind the scenes he is working to try and keep illegal guns out of Westport and save the party district by way of street privatization. There are some important arguments over his strategies but nobody should question his career dedication to the heart of Kansas City.

And so . . .

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


  1. The whole council deserves credit for stopping Sly from bankrupting KC.

  2. All guns get it right Tony

  3. Santa is a rapist12/15/17, 10:50 PM

    ^^^ Pretty sure the police will be there with their guns.

  4. Man that chick has some nice big titties

  5. Don't be a cuck.

  6. Friday night commenters are the worst. People who nobody else likes.


  7. What's a cuck?

  8. 6:46--Maybe the missed the "L".

  9. So, the "businessmen" who own and operate businesses in Westport can't control their businesses and giving them extra police patrols doesn't work either. Why not try to make things better by closing the places that sell alcoholic beverages and see if that slows up the crime.


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