Friday, December 08, 2017

Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings!!!

We dedicate this quick weekly list to Jodie in top form and the strongest players in the Kansas City discourse this week. Take a look:

Kansas City Council Lady Heather Hall

An ordinance requiring greater financial transparency from Downtown Kansas City hotel developers was SHUT DOWN this week but the effort is still important in demonstrating the shady manner in which this effort is being built. Groundbreaking is slated for January 2018 and most local residents have no idea that KCMO is investing about $42-MILLION without much public oversight. Council Lady Heather Hall seems to be the leader of only three elected officials in KC attempting to hold developers accountable.

Officer Wagstaff

The hero's homecoming can't be understated and might be one of the most important instances of local law enforcement support.

KC Chiefs Coach Andy Reid

If Kansas City can pull itself out of a slump before the end of the season, the suspension of controversial Chiefs CB Marcus Peters might be the defining moment for Kansas City's embattled coach.

As always . . .

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

My vote is for all the jerks who have been stealing christmas decorations. They are the real epitome of KC!

Jameson said...

I can dig the snark but there was 137 murders in KC this year T. We gotta promise to start doing better.

Anonymous said...

Team Frank White won this week. Sorry Tk. Keep trying!

Anonymous said...

Peter's a THUG ASS PUNK , and a punk ass THUG Boyz CHIMP bangers inner city youth scholar's hood rats !¡! Cut his Bluntz worthless piece of shit ass , send him to cleavland to be even more worthless !¡!¡

Anonymous said...

Jodie gets my vote.

Any gal who gets Tupperware Bowls implanted in her chest has to be way cooler than any of the other nominees.

If not her, then Heather - she might be Mayoral material, wonder how she looks in a bow tie and a checkered clown suit?

Anonymous said...

Referring to Heather Hall as "Lady Heather" is an insult to longtime CSI fans.

Anonymous said...

bow tie and a checkered clown suit-
Now that's funny!