Tuesday, December 05, 2017


A Tuesday night tradition for our late night denizens and swing shift workers in desperate need of local entertainment overnight . . . In the early morning hours we check in with Kansas City's favorite bloggy duo and their local celebration of the holidays.

Description as "game respects game" for this crew that's gully enough to wear their own merch in public:

"Ever wanted to know what to do for Christmas when you are in Kansas City! One of our favorite places in KC during the holidays in Crown Center. Although there isn't much that is strictly "local" here in Crown Center, there are some really cool sites and activities for the whole family!"

Take a peek

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

Very nice.

Not everything needs to be so cynical.

Greedo said...

No disagreement here, these guys do some great camerawork and have a lot of talent editing and telling a story with video. Really like some of their stuff on Youtube.

Anonymous said...

Ditto and ditto. Love the accompanying song.

Anonymous said...

Anyone watching this video, especially those outside KCMO, would get the impression that KC must be a very small town. There were hardly any people on the streets, in Union Station or Crown Center.

What happened to the billion tourists who visit KC every year?