Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Kansas City Tuesday Morning First Look

We start today with tribute to Tessa hotness for the holidays and more forward with some of the most important Kansas City MSM news links for right now. Take a peek:

Help Wanted For Season Of Charity

Salvation Army needs more red-kettle volunteers as holiday season nears end

The holiday season is here and the Salvation Army needs some help. It's low on manpower during the incredibly busy time of the year. The organization is down thousands of volunteers and they desperately need help. While the Salvation Army operates year-round, their funding comes primarily from the red kettle campaign.

Lesson In Golden Ghetto Drama
'Stop the ugliness:' Interim superintendent implores Shawnee Mission to end divisiveness
Show-Me Pension Unsafe

Unfunded Pension Liabilities: Unaccountable and Unaffordable

A while back a colleague at UMSL approached me in the hallway. In a joking manner she asked, "Hey, why do you want to take away my pension?" A former teacher, she had heard that was my nefarious plan. We had a great conversation about unfunded liabilities and all things pension.

Kansas Internets Talking Points

Moran wants to settle net neutrality in favor of 'free and open' internet

Congress should have the final say on net neutrality - not federal regulators who change with each presidential administration, say a growing number of U.S. senators, including Kansas' Jerry Moran. "Consumers want an internet that is free of content-based discrimination and supports the deployment of reliable, affordable broadband access throughout the country," said Sen.

Local Doggie Rescue Story

Women attempt to save dog left for dead by driver in KCK

Two women who saw a dog at the side of the highway stepped in to try to save it. The women say a representative with KCK animal services told them the dog had such severe internal injuries that they had to put him down.

Kansas City Holiday Destinations

Kansas City's 5 hottest holiday experiences

Even though some of us put up our holiday decorations the day after Halloween, it still feels as though the holiday season has a way of zipping by no matter how hard we try to stretch it. We get used to the festivities around town, the endless holiday parties and somehow even develop a taste for eggnog.

Early X-Mas For Kansas City Chiefs

Dolphins vs. Chiefs: Kansas City opens as 10 point favorites

It looks like bettors are starting to believe again in the Kansas City Chiefs. For the past two weeks, the Chiefs have resembled the same unit that rolled over anyone and everyone for the first five weeks of the regular season, besting the likes of the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots.

Lindsey Stirling - Carol of the Bells is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Will the Kansas City Atheist Coaltion be protesting the Salvation Army this year?

I can't wait to see them carrying their signs around the Plaza telling us all how Good they are.

Anonymous said...

My pants are protesting Tessa.

Anonymous said...


...and just like that, my yule log burst into flames!!!


Anonymous said...

There's a job Byron could do, be a bell ringer. The POS should be forced to do something for the tax dollars his scam is ripping off the good working people.

Anonymous said...

^^I mean seriously dude, why do you care about Byron so much? You seem like a loser.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ You my friend are an asshole like Byron.