Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Kansas City Tuesday Midday News

Right now we celebrate hottie Leanna and a mostly disastrous day in Kansas City. Checkit:

Kansas City Country Club Plaza Old School Luxury Or Certain Demise???

NorthPoint's Country Club Plaza facility will offer luxury senior living - Kansas City Business Journal

NorthPoint Development released details Monday regarding the high-end senior-living facility it in its recently acquired Two Brush Creek office building, which is immediately east of the Country Club Plaza at 2 Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd. The few facility, to be called Stonecrest at the Plaza, will be the eighth facility in the Riverside-based development company's senior-living portfolio.

Beloved Doggie Attacked

Cass County K-9 stabbed during foot chase

A Cass County Sheriff's K-9 was stabbed Monday evening during a foot pursuit, authorities said. Cass County deputies were called to Highway 291 and South Commercial Street, near the Walmart, to help search for a Harrisonville man who fled authorities. The Sheriff's Office said K-9 Officer Champ was stabbed after running into a field after the suspect.

Tragic Crash In KCK Even Worse

Three people die after van flips onto KCK tracks, gets hit by oncoming train

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Three people died and one other person was critically injured after a van went straight through a T-stop in KCK, flipping directly into the path of an oncoming train. Police responding to the scene found two men dead and had first responders take a man and a woman, both critically injured, to a nearby hospital.

#New Airport Chatter

Edgemoor invites Kansas residents to meeting to share what they want to see at new KCI

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- As Kansas City residents give their input for what they want out of a new airport, Kansas residents are about to have their say. Edgemoor representatives will be meeting with the public at 6 p.m. at the KU Edwards Campus off of 126th and Quivira in Overland Park, Kan.

End Of An Era In JoCo

John's Space Age Donuts, 50-year-old Overland Park landmark, closing next week

Photo by Chase Castor The Russians finally won, I guess: John's Space Age Donuts, maker of delicious fried dough since the Cold War, closes permanently in a few days. Owner John Taylor Jr. tells the Shawnee Mission Post today that "sometime next week," the last apple fritter will be dropped in the last bag and sent home with the last customer.

Meth Town High Class Holidays

At Independence's Vaile Mansion, Visitors Have Themselves A Scandalous Victorian Christmas

The hulking, richly ornate Vaile Mansion, designed by famed architect Asa Beebe Cross, sits alone on a postage stamp of its former grounds in a mostly working-class residential neighborhood in Independence. It looks more like a rip in time and space than a wonderland of Victorian Christmas cheer.

Kansas City Fanboys Confused

The Kansas City Chiefs are (sort of) back on track

With the win over the Oakland Raiders, the Chiefs are kinda-sorta back on track to meet their preseason expectations. Remember that comic strip ? For me, it was the comic I would usually gloss over on my way to Calvin and Hobbes reprints, Fox Trot jokes that I mostly understood, or a particularly-irreverent Pearls Before Swine storyline.

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