Sunday, December 03, 2017

Kansas City Sunday Night Link Stand

This evening we are inspired by Adriana hotness as we offer this collection of a great many Kansas City MSM links for late night readers.

Take a look:

Kansas City Carjacking Instant Karma

Carjacking suspects arrested after crashing into building, fleeing

The Kansas City Police Department says two suspects have been taken into custody after a carjacking and crash Sunday night. Police said two carjacking suspects crashed a vehicle into a building near 24th and Quincy Sunday night. They then fled to the nearby Brighton Place apartments.

Kansas City Hacking Hard Time

Former Sysadmin Caught Hacking His Ex-Employer by His Replacement

On Wednesday, November 29, a Kansas City court sentenced a Missouri man to six years in federal prison without parole for hacking his former employer, stealing trade secrets, and for accessing child pornography.

Meth Town Lunch Lady Big Money

Fired Independence cafeteria worker wins $340,000 lawsuit

A former high school cafeteria worker has won a $340,000 judgment in her lawsuit alleging she was discriminated against by the Independence School District. Amy Stubbs filed the lawsuit after she was fired as a cook in the cafeteria at William Chrisman High School in May 2015. Her daughter attended the school.

Local Charity Dude Hard Times

Taking it to the streets founder severely burned in grill accident

A man who is known for community service in the Kansas City area, now needs help of his own.

How To Live Around Kansas City On $100K

What Living On $100,000 A Year Looks Like

A central question of debate leading up to the Senate's passage of a sweeping tax overhaul plan asked which Americans need a boost. Economists say the Republicans' selling point for previous iterations of their legislation, that the plan is designed to benefit the middle class, has a shaky foundation - that the rich are the big winners.

Metro Suburban Crime Scene

Grandview police investigating rash of car break-ins

GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- Grandview Police are looking for the person or people responsible for breaking into about a dozen vehicles in the city's Southview neighborhood. Residents reported car break-ins and destruction of property that occurred sometime between Nov. 29 and Dec. 1. "Most criminals commit what we call crimes of opportunity.

Holiday Season Hand Up For Youngsters

Santa steps out early to help Operation Breakthrough

Santa is coming to Johnson County early this year, and he's coming with toys for Operation Breakthrough.

TKC Recommended Art Link Today

Matt Bollinger's America

We are unseen visitors in a world largely devoid of primary colors. When we do see these colors, it is because it is on the label on a bottle of bleach or laundry detergent.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

Cannot live on 100k a year ? My heart pumps piss for these gotta have idiots. Eat the rich !

Anonymous said...


At her aged millionaire husband's funeral, though wearing traditional black, Adriana raised eyebrows!!!

Anonymous said...

11:59, she raised more than eyebrows.

Anonymous said...

A former high school cafeteria worker has won a $340,000 judgment in her lawsuit alleging she was discriminated against by the Independence School District.

Have fun eating PB&J for the next few years kids.

Anonymous said...

Eat the rich indeed, I hate those woe is me articles. You're rich but can't make ends meet? Cut back on your high and fast lifestyle. I understand the shitstorm that is out of control med bills, but they declared bankruptcy for it. So, depending on the type they declared, they are essentially debt free, still making $100k/yr. I make less than the median income, but live in a shitty little house in a shitty little 'hood almost living paycheck to paycheck but continuously paying off debts. My newest car is 15 years old, I wear 10 year old clothes, I'm pretty pleased with life and am not constantly stressed about money, I have no pity for those making twice what I do complaining about money.