Kansas City Star Can't Find Skippy?!?!

Impending doom reported by the newspaper . . . Or another serving of nothingburger published for a holiday season late night . . . You decide:

Mike Sanders takes leave from law practice in wake of FBI probe

Former Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders has taken an indefinite leave of absence from the law firm where he is employed in the wake of a federal investigation into his use of political campaign funds. "He has personal matters he needs to deal with," Buford Farrington, a partner at Humphrey, Farrington & McClain PC in Independence, said late Thursday.


  1. The couldn't get a quote.


  2. The shredders may be working full time.
    Or what's that smoke coming out of the office chimney?
    I don't think we're electing a pope!

  3. This happened last year and the Star covered it up for an entire year.
    The County Exec, former head of the state's Democratic Party Quits his elected role in the middle of the night and it's nothing?

  4. In a prepared statement, Humphrey, Farrington & McClain PC announced that Mike Sanders was taking an indefinite leave of absence to:

    SPEND MORE TIME WITH FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I've been praying to the karma gods for something like this since May 2002. Remember Skippy? He is a piece of shit who needs to pay.

  6. You mean the FBI is investigating another Democrat? I bet they are drafting the NO CHARGE statement right now.

  7. Can an attorney still practice if convicted of a felony? His parents paid for his college education but not his two sisters. He was always the favorite. Like father like son? Assholes.

  8. Can’t finf him? Witness Protection Program? Who will he give up?

  9. Skippy skipped town. LMBAO.

  10. Kansas City has been run by gangsters and nincompoops since forever. That's why it's so chronic. Just sayin.

  11. Speaking of chronic. You know Skippy used to smoke weed in the day. Yes he did. Maybe he moved to Colorado.

  12. I've always wondered about that stock picture Tony uses over and over...
    Mike, with his wife Georgia in the background, correct?
    What I wouldn't give for her head of hair, but that hardened look? Wow.


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