Friday, December 29, 2017

Kansas City Social Safety Net At Risk

Check KC Biz Journal on fire today with this vital coverage regarding cutbacks and fewer resources for the growing number of local po'folk. Take a look:

KC's safety-net providers are nearing 'catastrophic' danger - Kansas City Business Journal

Leaders of Kansas City's safety-net nonprofits face sleepless nights as they wait for Congress to renew a large portion of their funding. Federally qualified health centers, such as Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center, the KC Care Clinic and Swope Health Services, face a steep decline without the renewal of the community health center fund (CHCF).


Anonymous said...

Maybe all the welfare folks might consider getting a job?

Anonymous said...

Not a safety net. A free ride is probably more accurate.

Anonymous said...

Interesting facts about Swope Health Services from their 2015 tax return, Form 990(most recent available).

They paid NO federal taxes, as they're exempt.

They hold approximately $13 million dollars in financial investments:
$9.2M mutual funds
$1.8M alternative investments
$2.2M fixed income

They hold approximately $1.3M in offshore investments (Central America and the Caribbean)

They paid Denton US LLP (law firm) $36,000 to review legislation and advise on legislative impact. Ruckus viewers will recall Patrick McInerney was formerly with Denton, and defended Mayor James in a legal suit. We mention this only to remind you that most of the people trotted out to represent the KCMO status quo have multiple intertwined financial relationships.

David Barber, President received compensation of $332K
Naimish Patel, CFO $266K
Russell Johnson, CMO $236K
Robin Wheeler, VP-HR Director $217K
Dhanalakshmi Rengachary, OB-GYN $450K
David Dembinski, MD $275K
Nallu Reddy, MD $281K
Otis Latimer, MD $269K

Anonymous said...

Everyone's feeling a lot better, but it’s all on borrowed money.

Anonymous said...

Aren't all the hospitals NGOs? Truman does a lot of health care for lower income. Life expectancy is dropping. Most f these dudes out there won't make it to 50 anymore. That's like Sierra Leon.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Swope. They discriminate against anyone who is not black. Time for the blood suckers to get jobs or die. We already have a state where 40 percent of food stamp recipients can not possible qualify under the law and are committing fraud. We have rampant fraud in the section 8 entitlements and statistically the fraud in medicaid and government subsidized medical fraud is through the roof. This isn't about helping those truly needy. This is about subsidizing grifters who either need to work or be prosecuted for thier crimes.