Kansas City Saturday First Look

We start the morning with tribute to a rather sharp hottie who is also a fashion designer and blogger and then move to some of the top local news links for right now. Take a peek:

Downtown Kansas City Corporate Flop House Celebrates Grand Opening

Home2 Suites Kansas City Downtown opens

Home2 Suites by Hilton, part of Hilton's All Suites portfolio, officially opened the Home2 Suites by Hilton Kansas City Downtown, bringing the brand one step closer to its 200th property milestone. The hotel has 114 suites and a range of value, tech-focused and eco-conscious amenities.

Broke & Sick In Kansas City

In parts of KC, almost 1 in 3 has medical debt in collections

Every time one of Heidi Hendrix's four kids has a health issue, she has to work out an agonizing equation. "A lot of times I have to decide, is it really important enough for us to see a doctor?" Hendrix said.

Kansas City Flu Season In Full Effect

Got the flu? Easy steps you can take to get better faster

(CNN) -- Flu season is well underway across the United States. Forty-nine states and Puerto Rico reported either regional or widespread flu activity during the week ending December 23, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's most recent surveillance report.

Kansas City Amateur Night List

10 Spots to Ring in the New Year in Kansas City

This year, customize your New Year's Eve celebration to match your mood. Want to ring in the new year in the middle of the party with good food and great drinks flowing? Prefer to go out early, then head home for the final toast of the year?

Kansas City Crunch Time

This is the Chiefs best chance at a Super Bowl in the Andy Reid-Alex Smith era

Before I started writing at Arrowhead Pride I was working towards my master's degree with an emphasis in sports data science, particularly the NFL. Needless to say I've studied countless Super Bowl winning teams and what made them tick.

Ozuna - La Modelo Ft Cardi B is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. One and done in playoffs.

  2. Agree. Nothing else to say.

  3. superbowl packages are pretty expensive, like 5k. not sure if i should wait to buy one. thoughts?

  4. Send the medical bills lady to the VA and she'll figure out why so many veterans are offing themselves.

  5. 3:59, most veterans who commit suicide are not under VA care. It's not the VA which is driving veterans to self destruct at a higher rate than non-vets.

    The vets I know who have received medical care at the local VA center have only good things to say about their experiences.

  6. Byron Funkhouser12/30/17, 6:06 PM

    3:59, veterans are "offing themselves" because we consider anxiety, depression & PTSD to be "mental illnesses", & therefore there is a stigma against seeking treatment. At its core most people consider mental illness to be a character defect & asking for help as unmanly.

    In other words, our veterans are suffering, along with everyone else, because we insist upon being an ignorant, redneck country.

    1. WTF, Funky?! "Rednecks" (VERY MANY OF WHICH ARE HONORABLE VETERANS OF ALL RACES) toil away their best years at the factories, the farms, the firehouses, the families' firms, and everyf*ckin' workplace throughout this Great America. They're getting less employment "benefits" while the freeloaders and refugees can get all manner of help handed to them so easily. DACAs, deadbeat moms & dads, druggies, drunks, and too many other doofuses are jacking resources of lower cost counseling and medical care away from "rednecks". Yes, more should be done to de-stigmatize admission of difficulties with mental health. And, much more rapid access to better quality at affordable cost care of every kind must be provided to "rednecks and veterans", ahead of, or even instead of, non-citizens,etc., wherever resources are more limited.

  7. ^^^^^^^The sooner you "off yourself" dipshit the better. SHeep shagging asshole.

  8. The VA is not paying out to hospitals they send the Vets out to for treatment. Vets are getting calls from collections agency's asking Vet to call the VA and ask them to pay up. Then the VA actually provides office space for the NGO who sets up the appointments inside the VA Hospital. How is this cheaper? It's not, but it's deregulation.

  9. 4:53 You must only know a few Vets because the majority of vets I talk to on a daily basis hate that shit hole. Of course the tax payers don't get it. They drive by and see three towers and think what a nice big VA hospital. What they don't get is that the bureaucrats have turned every hospital room, except a handful, into office space and the majority of needed surgeries are farmed out after being stalled for months by the VA bureaucrats and the, so called, surgery department. Patient medical notes are mostly faked and/or filled with fiction, practitioners credentials and touted qualifications often lack verification and all too often the VA creates incredible roadblocks to care that do not exist in the civilian sector. Given that 60 percent of veterans refuse to trust the VA with their medical care and decide pay out of pocket for medical coverage andinsurance, the idea that the VA provides satisfactory care, or that vets really appreciate the VA, is laughable.


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