Thursday, December 07, 2017

Kansas City Remembers Pearl Harbor

Sadly, most of the local news outlet offered only cursory coverage but this news item stands out and deserves mention for late night readers contemplating Kansas City and its place in history . . .

Fox4: KC area’s last living Pearl Harbor survivor recognized at ceremony in Mission

Sadly, not even today's mostly forgotten memorial is without culture war debate:

Politico: White House misremembers historical details on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

A social media talking point on the topic of the date that will live in infamy:

People: Can You Spot the Errors in Donald and Melania Trump's Pearl Harbor Remembrance Tweets?

Further reading:

History: Pearl Harbor, 1941: From a Sailor's Perspective

ABC News: Researchers share never-before-seen images of US ship that fired 1st shots at Pearl Harbor

Huff Post: Another Trumpism For The History Books: Pearl Harbor Was ‘A Pretty Wild Scene’

Fox news: Veteran Sings 'Remember Pearl Harbor' During Trump's Proclamation Ceremony

WaPo: The attack on Pearl Harbor: Unforgettable photos of the bombing

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

Trump has not been heard from for three nights. Clearly his staff has taken control of his Twitter feed? Did Trump have a stroke? Is it Parkinson's?

Anonymous said...

Meloonia got the date wrong. It's not November, honey. Guess that wasn't on her citizenship test. Go back to hanging your Nightmare before Halloween themed Christmas decorations.

The tangerine Edi Amin got the quote wrong. "A day that will live in infamy?" Damn, you're dumb. If he showed up to serve instead of skipping out with 5 deferments, maybe he would have learned that one.

He mocked veterans at the White House, again. God damn disgrace.

So much for MAGA and winning.

The only thing winning is his stroke. Bigly. Goh bess, ha Huniha Sathes.

Anonymous said...

^^Ha Ha ha ha ha. Classic. +10000

Anonymous said...

^^^ you three are enjoying a wonderful circle jerk. You still lost.

Anonymous said...

^^^ We all lost.

The sheep just refuse to admit it. MAAAGAAA.

Hey, I think that's also the sound of his supporters sucking his cock.

Good luck in 2018 supporting the new GOP. Greedy old Pedophiles.

Anonymous said...

^^^ thanks for the good laugh. The sheeple are you pussy hat wearers that continue to bleat like a sheep getting fucked in the ass. The stock market continues to hit all-time highs. Unemployment is at record lows. ISIS' caliphate in the Middle East has been destroyed. Actually, we all won.

The Party of Pedophiles = Democrats. Al Franken said that he'll resign "in the next weeks". Bob Menendez is still in the Senate. Anthony Wiener is a Democrat. Harvey Weinstein is a Democrat. The Clintons are still part of the party leadership. Sorry dude, you still own the moniker.

Anonymous said...

But Trump grabs'em by the pussy!

Anonymous said...

@7:00 - Menendez is Fake News. Manufactured with paid liars. Also, a recent jury trial did not convict him on any bribery charges. As in not guilty. Try to keep up.

Weiner (note the spelling, genius) sent sexting messages, including one to a teenager. He's in jail for sending a picture to a minor. He never attacked children like Roy Moore, but again, is in jail. Franken faked groped in a picture and is gone. Who did Hilary molest? Nobody, but anyway the Clintons are out. Weinstein isn't even a politician. You are truly brain dead.

None of the names you mentioned are pedophiles. Your hero Roy Moore is.

In summary, you're wrong again, 500 billion, trillion times.

Meanwhile tonight down south, Trump campaigned to send a child molester to the US Senate.

Here's a slogan for you and your party, the Greedy old Perverts: Roy Moore, Pedophile Less.

Anonymous said...

Before you cheer on the stock market (I know you can't afford to actually invest), you better check with the Groper-in-Chief first. His exact words:

“The only thing that is strong is the artificial stock market”

“(American Workers) They worked all their lives to save and now what happens is they’re being forced into an inflated stock market and at some point they’ll get wiped out”

“The only thing that looks good is the stock market, but if you raise interest rates even a little bit, that’s going to come crashing down,” Mr. Trump said. “We are in a big, fat, ugly bubble.”

You better agree with him sheep. Are you calling your President a liar?

BTW, there are still almost 100 million not in the workforce. Heard that from Hannity and Trump.

Even Trump isn't stupid enough to say ISIS is defeated. Army Rangers died just 2 months ago in Niger and their killers are still at large. Don't forget and disrespect the fallen (or those still serving), you asshole.

Anonymous said...

False. Your babyish ire is funny though. :)

Anonymous said...

Such hard work, so many desperate words! The country is doing better and the left hates it.

I'm waiting for the next CNN or ABC retraction about one of their bombshell stories. Shouldn't be long.:)