Saturday, December 16, 2017

Kansas City Old School Fire Frame-Up Case

A look into local history and a miscarriage of justice in the name of "closure" and political expediency. Read more:

New lawsuit seeks info in 1988 fire that killed six Kansas City firefighters

A new federal lawsuit argues information concerning the 1988 deaths of six Kansas City firefighters should be made public. It's filed by former defendant Bryan Shepard. He was freed earlier this year on a legal technicality. Shepard vowed on his release to help his remaining co-defendants win their freedom too.


Anonymous said...

, hey we're talking about firefighters here. Let's clam it the fuk up.. the case is closed. Shepherd you won your freedom ,now zip it

Anonymous said...

i would give to thier defense fund those boys got screwed big time

Anonymous said...

1988 ?! Get over it.