Kansas City Newsie Chatter This Week

A glimpse at legacy media opinion makers offering their take on the trends and a sneak peek at the road ahead. Checkit:

"Nick Haines, Eric Wesson, Dana Wright, Dave Helling and Steve Kraske look back on the year's top headlines and pick the winners and losers, most over reported and under reported stories, KC's person of the year and more. Also, panelists make their predictions for 2018."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. At least Dana appeared to be sober, coherent and wasn't hanging all over Helling this time.

  2. Yes, I felt this was one of the better shows they've had recently, Helling's rant and the smoochies for Sly James notwithstanding.

  3. Just the same old propaganda by majority Kansas commentators on how things are in Kansas City. They want to gloss over the crime in all of KC has just a footnote.

  4. I'm glad Dana Wright stayed sober enough to show up this episode. Normally she's downing a bottle of wine after gobbling Keitz goo. Or is that Scott (hiccup) Parks goo? Doesn't matter.

    BTW, no wonder she left TV. Her looks faded awfully quickly didn't it?

  5. i was gonna watch until i seen Dana and her muffin top were appearing

  6. I found this interesting
    having lived in KC 40 years


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