Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Kansas City News Look Right Now . . .

These midday links are inspired by Angela hotness as we continue our bloggy journey for right now.

Take a look:

Growing Kansas City Biz

NorthPoint appears poised for major expansion of logistics park - Kansas City Business Journal

The Edgerton City Council on Thursday will consider the annexation of 575 acres that may be part of a plan to expand Logistics Park Kansas City - one of the most successful industrial parks in the nation over the past three years. At this point, however, no one is acknowledging an expansion of the 1,700-acre development.

Ruckus Near Westport

Police in standoff with man at 36th, Pennsylvania in Kansas City

Police are working a standoff in the 3600 block of Pennsylvania in Kansas City.

KC Shout Out From Snoop

Snoop Dogg shows support for Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in recent Instagram post

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A popular rapper recently showed his support on social media for Kansas City's Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Snoop Dogg posted a photo Tuesday wearing one of the museum's new bomber jackets. The jacket features the museum's logo on the front and patches of Negro Leagues teams throughout.

Fear Season Of Busted Pipes

Frozen pipes a concern for KC Metro homeowners during the deep freeze

Breaking News Kansas City, MO - As temperatures continue to stay well below freezing across the KC Metro, it's a good time to see to your home's water pipes.

KC Brew Debut For Ambitious Drunks

The Roasterie collaborates on limited-release beer with Epic Brewing Co. - Kansas City Business Journal

Through the years, The Roasterie has collaborated with a number of local companies, but its latest collaboration shows its reputation continues to spread. Salt Lake City-based Epic Brewing Co. approached The Roasterie earlier this year about a potential collaboration and flew to Kansas City to sample the coffee roaster's array of coffees.

KCUR Question: What Happened To Making America Safe Again???

After A Vow To End 'This American Carnage,' A Year Of Deadly Violence

President Trump took office in January vowing in a dark-toned inaugural to end what he described as "this American carnage" fueled by gangs, drugs and street violence. America did see historic carnage in 2017, but critics say it had far less to do with gangs and drugs than with disturbed individuals with easy access to firearms. October saw the deadliest mass shooting by an individual in modern U.S.

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Anonymous said...

Well, the California governor is opening the floodgate for MS 13.
No more Safe spaces for lefties.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

But those same lefties from California are moving to Missouri, that's becoming a real problem!

Anonymous said...


Retro ROCKER said...

3:26 YOU are right. 8 Million people want to leave California. So they loaded up the truck and moved to Tonganoxie.

Anonymous said...

As usual, the "reporters" at KCUR refuse to let facts, data, or evidence get in the way of reaching whatever conclusion they set out to prove.
KCMO regularly has fully one-third the number of murders as New York City, which has a population 17 times the size of KC.
This year-to-date, NYC has suffered just 285 homicides, so KCMO is on track with 149 so far, to reach almost half the number of a city with a population of 8.5 million people.
Does anyone actually believe that those murders are caused by individuals with emotional distress?
Lack of respect for themselves and others; no impulse control; endless excuses for counter-productive and even self-destructive behaviors; rejecting educational opportunities; lack of discipline to find and keep a job; and outright criminality.
Many tens of millions of tax dollars spent on "anti-crime" programs and worthless nonprofits, no serious attention or priority given to public safety issues by elected and appointed officials, and total silence by "leadership" in the black community.
And make no mistake, over 85% of the homicides in KCMO involve African-American victims.
And all those regular folks in neglected neighborhoods who simply want to earn a living and raise their families in safe communities suffer year after year.
It's really too bad KCMO doesn't have a municipal government.

Anonymous said...

Don’t worry, it’s just the blacks and the progressives protesting the trumpster. We know how well they like to destroy, maim and kill!

Anonymous said...

Trump is kicking Liberal ass. Its liberal, not progressive, LIBERAL ! You can't change your stripes!

Anonymous said...

Come on libs, their just post term abortions, celebrate choice.

Anonymous said...

Well let's see all we got is elected officials to help. One of the two choices has had a long run at fixing things without any success, actual things have gotten worst. Maybe time to try the other choice, heck nothing to lose but more lives.