Expect more slap fighting today on the topic of ONE BILLION DOLLARS OF SWEET KANSAS CITY TAXPAYER CASH now up for grabs . . .

And so, here are a few items that deserve special attention:

Kansas City Insider Applauds Pitch Coverage: "This is exactly what is going on with the airport issue. The majority of the council is trying to look after the best interest of the citizens of this city. Doing what we were elected to do!"

What's happening with the Kansas City airport is astonishing, but not for the reasons you probably think

If you are the type of person who has casually followed this year's most dramatic local news story - that would be Kansas City's grueling civic march to build itself a new airport - you could be forgiven for getting the impression that, over the past five days, something very bad has transpired.

Mayor Vs. Council Back & Forth

Finger-pointing, fury and feuding emerge among Kansas City's leadership over KCI airport negotiation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City Mayor Sly James is now firing back after members of the city council sent shock waves through the process of striking a deal with the developer the council selected to build a new KCI. From the start, the airport-approval process has been a bit messy.

AECOM & Burns & Mac Waiting Patiently

AECOM guns to take over SOM's Kansas City airport project

After Kansas City, Missouri, residents overwhelmingly voted last month to replace the outdated Kansas City International Airport (KCI) with a $1 billion, SOM-designed consolidated terminal, talks between developer Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate and the Kansas City government appear to have broken down.

From our vantage . . . Unions & the Kansas City corporate oligarchy are now running this side show and it'll be fun to see them try to rig the new bidding and maybe land a few politicos in legal trouble while they're at it.

Developing . . .


  1. Tyrant the clown is having a rough time, he just got smacked down by the council for his stupidity and he is pouting like the little girl he is! Lmao!!!

  2. This is all smoke and mirrors while Burns & Mac acquire enough money to buy the City Council. They know that their contract is in the bag.

  3. Hard to know the truth here but I would guess it all boils down to dividing up the spoils and in the end those who pay for the airport will still be losing.

  4. There is no honor among thieves. Fat lardass cocksucker Sly is a thief. Burns & McDouche are thieves. The city council members are mostly thieves plus Jolie who eats a lot of pussy.


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