Kansas City Metro Crucifix Murder Vigil

An important reminder to suburbanites about the level of violence throughout the metro . . . Take a look:

Leawood Baptist Church puts third annual 'The Longest Night' display up

LEAWOOD, Kan. - If you drive down State Line Road in Leawood Thursday, you will see about 200 white, wooden crosses standing in front of the Leadwood Baptist Church. This is the third year the church is holding "The Longest Night." The crosses are for every homicide victim in the Kansas City metropolitan area.


  1. WTF! Crosses? Where are the balloons, candles, flowers, stuffed animals and RIP memorial t-shirts. Oh, it's Leawood.

  2. Fuck Leawood Baptist Church. Why don’t they bus some hood rats out there for church and save them from their lives of crime?

  3. I’m sure the church means well, but I don’t see any benefit to this.

  4. Religion 101--First Grade--Week 1 True or False Quiz--Circle T or F left of each statement WITH ONE OF YOUR TWO EXPERTLY AND QUIETLY SHARPENED BRIGHT YELLOW #2 PENCILS (and, NO chewing, tapping, or doodling says Sister Mary SlapYa):

    T F 1. A crucifix has the Corpus Christi nailed to it.

    Tony the Catholic kid not so long ago, you should know what a crucifix is. Surely ya held plenty dangling in your lap after your confessions (oh right, you were a good altar boy and your penance was ALWAYS alot shorter than a whole rosary, HA!).

  5. ^^^ Sister Mary Katherine, please go take a shit with your clothes on.

    1. Uh, it's Sister Mary SlapYa, mister! Watch your cussing around here. I'll whack this metal edge of my ruler over your hard head and both of your palms, then have ya bent over this desk while I wooden paddle your bare smart-ass right in front of the class, before you write the Apostles' Creed 100 times, legibly, in cursive, in Latin, on loose leaf narrow binder paper with your non dominant hand! Then, after school you'll clean chalkboards and desktops with full strength ammonia, ya snotty potty mouth.

  6. Byron Funkhouser12/14/17, 10:05 PM

    "Christians" voted overwhelmingly for Roy Moore, the child molester.

    "Christians" voted overwhelmingly for Der Fuhrer, a man who bragged about sexually assaulting multiple women. When confronted with these allegations a woman from Kansas said that it didn't matter because God was going to use him to end abortion. So, it's like human sacrifice? "Christians" told nineteen women that it doesn't matter.

  7. Byron Funkhouser12/14/17, 10:12 PM

    How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?
    How old were you when you stopped believing in The Easter Bunny?
    How old were you when you stopped believing in The Tooth Fairy?
    How old were you when you stopped believing in God?
    What, you still believe in God? How old are you?

    News Flash: Your parents were liars.

    1. and yours were assholes for conceiving you

  8. Byron is as phony as the church, in Leawood, who expects us all to wail and gnash our teeth over dead fuckin gangbangers.

    The pretense, the idea, that most of the dead, who are dead filth, dead retarded black bugs who gave up the ghost under your stove, or, dead black mice and dead black rats who spread the BLACK plague into a civilized house were anything other than a sclerosis on the dying ass of a once great middle class tax paying public, who now, by way of parasitical scum like Byron, who, in league with his Progressive "Demographics Are Destiny" Socialist Sewage, will, in the near term future, not only deny moral agency to BLM Terrorists, Illegal immigrants and garden variety minority criminals, but continue to insist, that ANY Commentary, ANY difference of opinion, ANY contrarian view, be seen, in the public square, as "RAYCISS!!!

    God grant us the day, when in the public square, we hang Fascists like Byron, by the fuckin heels, like that Fascist, Mussolini.

    We are dead, dead, fuckin dead, in Black on White Hate Crimes that the Main Stream Media, the Deep State, Academia, Hollywood and your local politicians here in KC want everyone to forget.


    We were white and Democrats need the Black Vote and Black Hate of Whites.

  9. Shudup, B"lie"RON Funky. You still believe in Uncle Sugar, ya fraudster. For an arthritic, blind goofus know-it-all, ya do lots of pecking on keys and "seeing" plenty to put your two cents, nah, make that 1/10th of one cent worth posted on here constantly.

  10. If they would display a hundred nooses they might put the fear of God into some thugs.

    .........Jose Lyle Michaelilla Raztus Jones


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