Monday, December 25, 2017

Kansas City Kid Rock New Year's Eve 2017

Round-up of entertainment options in the coming week and because this town is going mostly low rent to ring in a New Year of lower expectations.

Take a look:

"New Year’s Eve in Downtown KC will feature Kid Rock at the Sprint Center, Samantha Fish at Knuckleheads, Dave Stephens and the KCJO7 at Union Station – and those are just the start of the NYE lineup in the Big Town.

"Here’s the ho, ho, highlight reel for a light, but festive holiday week ahead in Downtown KC – Monday to Sunday, Christmas Day to New Year’s Eve:

Downtown is ho, ho, ho-ing – week of Dec. 25-31

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Kid's a Trump supporter

He should not be performing in our sanctuary city.

Anonymous said...

So where's a no-talent opportunist to go?
Ted Nugent had to cancel their Hunting Trip, Ted's lips are too chapped.
And he can't go back to Mar-A-Lago, some guy with weird hair and tiny hands keeps trying to grab him by the pussy!

Anonymous said...

Uh, 10:33, that's Hag Hilly's most evident trait--no talent opportunist. She likes glomming onto and grabbing campaign funds from rapey assaulter guys, like her impeached Billy, Hollyweirdo Harvey Weinstein, convicted pedo pals Anthony Weiner and Jeffrey Epstein, plus others. But, nobody is grabbing HER by the pussy. Well, just Huma with her strap-on.

Anonymous said...

Kid is a faggy fag.

Anonymous said...

They should have the “highly popular” KC star editorial board perform. They could give some of their “Wild society “ ideas as entertainment. Heck - invite such throw backs as Lewis and Meriam and we could go thank everyone for helping scare America and letting us elect Trump and helping create jobs!
With the left vision- we would have had Hillary and Bill and his affairs would still be front page news.
The editorial board could talk about the Latte drinking, Sushi eating, Volvo driving, Arugula eating, White wine sipping, Tax hiking (rising –loving), Government expanding, Birkenstock wearing, NPR listening, New york times reading, Tofu eating…bullshit they call policy.
Happy New Year and thanks for making America great again.
( hope Hillary runs again- vote Trump 2020)

It's Chuck Lowe said...

^^^^^ sign your fucking name Chuck. Douche bag.

Anonymous said...

Typical left-wing response. I would be so frustrated to watch tax cuts and know big companies are going hire and ramp the economy and help middle America with good paying jobs.
Liberal policies are being exposed daily and the fraudulent Hillary Libs are still blaming the Russians while refusing to look in the mirrors.
Current investigations point to some serious wrong-doing with implications such that will insure a successful GOP2020 victory.
The ride will continue as the tide turns on liberals and more abandon ship as they realized they were lead astray by the likes of The Clintons and their cronies.
All this leads to the quintessential: What happened to Vince Foster?

Anonymous said...

What happened to Seth Rich ?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Grinch @4:24 is bigly triggered. Quick! Grab your hot sauce ya keep in your purse, put your stretchy pantsuit on, and go to your safespace, crybaby.

Anonymous said...

All triggered DOUCHEBAG metrosexual TRANNY Snowflake faggot LIBERAL Democrats are in their safe space during the Christmas season ! They cannot handle American human beings values such as sense of family , religion , honor , respect , worship the Lord , love of God , fellowship ! MAGA AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN TO THE MAX !!!!