Sunday, December 31, 2017


A word of warning or insight on the adventures of the biggest political player in Kansas City.

To wit . . .


Take a look at this latest declaration . . .

"After unprecedented growth in 2017, @AxiomStrategies finishes the year as the largest Republican consulting firm in the country."

That tweet/link also includes an interesting video featuring Mr. Roe touting his organization.

In Kansas City, Mr. Roe has been at the head of the table when it comes to data and research for local tax efforts but he still has yet to champion a winning Council campaign. Look for a few of his candidates to crop up again this year.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Roe does some great work and there is no arguing with his success. May not always agree with his politics but do not doubt his skill.

Rando said...

KC is dominated by the Democratic Party so that makes Roe still an outsider despite some of his big contracts. Not sure if he can sneak in a Gop candidate. His best bet is against Fowler out north.

Tracy Thomas said...

Well, Jeff--I'm guessing some folks don't hire your firm and especially YOU, Jeff--because you pull stupid shit pranks that cost your client the win. Like Iowa, 2016, you were indeed, "on the train" or the campaign bus, one of two right hand guys next to Ted Cruz. And he was "cruzin" to win Iowa and hand Donald Trump that huge loss.

But you could not just let the voters vote. You lied to voters, and you meddled. You set up one of your phone banks. And when Ben Carson flew home to change his shirts for a day, you lied. You told voters he had pulled out of the race. You were trying to steal Carson voters and convert them to Ted Cruz, so you could beat Trump.

But your lie got exposed, Jeff Roe. So the media jumped all over you and exposed you for the sociopath that you are. Not just the MSM, not the "fake news", but also Fox. Ted Cruz lost his momentum, and all respect and hope from conservatives, because of Jeff Roe's Big Lie.

Now I can't stand Ted Cruz. But you reap what you sow. There IS one thing more important than winning short term, Jeff. It's winning without lying and smearing good guys.

Your video today has good points and bad. The music is dreadful. Yes, it's driving, but totally annoying and distracting. This ain't a boat show. You're targeting rich Republican men. They hate that shit.

Your voice is excellent. Your copy--spot on. You lost weight and no longer look like you're gonna have a coronary during the filing press conference. Good for you. Your beard is a stupid shape. I did see Travis Smith there in the background--he's brilliant. A man's man. The Travis Kelce of campaign managers. (Used to work for our Congressman, Kevin Yoder.) Looks like a lumberjack and dresses GQ.

You have great people, Jeff. And the Republican party needs them to win races in 2018.

It's you who is the prob, Jeff Roe. Your strategies of fighting in the mud, clear back to when you menaced Blunt's opponent for Congress years ago--goons in her face in a parade...the breaking into her house and ransacking it for oppo research? This crap is why you lose in Kansas City, Jeff Roe.

I beat you and Pat Gray, outspent 112 to 1. Twice. BiStateII, and Big Soccer. You had the millionaires' money. But your canned happy talk messages fell far short of the mark. Defeated 54 to 46%! Hitting up the Hunts for that final million in the waning days. All to line your fat pockets doing endless mailers and surveys.

You've destroyed more forests than the California wildfires, Jeff.

The 123GO Bond Issue? Nine magazine sized mailers full of lies and broken promises. And now the New KCI? What.A.Lie...

A new airport at no expense to the taxpayer?? You knew that was not true, but you told it over and over. Hell, $1.5 million just in legal fees trying to untangle the spaghetti--on this sleight of hand carnival game of enriching developers and engineering firms.

So good luck. Keep picking off the low hanging fruit, the easy races. But if any good candidates are concerned you will go TOO low, and say ANYTHING, perhaps they should call up bitter Ted Cruz and ask HIM if he'd hire you again.

America notes that his other campaign manager made it to Fox commentator. Whereas you are there in your Man Cave. Delusional. Playing obnoxious electric guitar, desperately hoping somebody cool will wanna let you sing vocals...

It sure won't be anyone running for Mayor of KCMO.

Anonymous said...

Jeff's support for higher taxes and boondoggle projects makes him a non-starter for real fiscal conservatives. Too bad he had gone in the direction of politics over principles.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Tracy knows where the fat skeletons are buried. She's on fire.

Phillip Klein's accountant said...

Tracy (with Phillip Klein's money, about $12 grand, for each of those two elections) beat Jeff Roe--and she worked for free.

Saved taxpayers $2.4 billion, instead of subsidizing the Hunts and Shirley "Mink Stole" Helzberg.

Anonymous said...

Tracy is a troll and she just cut and pasted that information from left wing cook blogs. Shut up Tracy, nobody has cared about your opinion since 1982.

Tracy Thomas said...

8:54--wrong, asshat.
I lived it, didn't cook up anything.
I ran that congressional campaign against Roe and Blunt.
I ran that campaign against BiState II.
I ran that campaign to defeat BigSoccer.

And one cannot be a troll when one has the courage to sign her work.

Your opinion does not matter, because your immasculated self is too cowardly to ever debate in public. Own your words. You are inconsequential. But thanks for ginning up the comments, Basement Boy. More readers for leaders.

Anonymous said...

If only Jeff Roe had taken the opportunity to sit on Sonia Warshawskie's leopard-print sofa and just breath in the palpable, undeniable goodness of what we here in Kansas City call "The Big Sonia Experience".

Anonymous said...

2019 - the next Steve Bannon?

Anonymous said...

"The ONLY thing we care about is winning."

----Jeff Roe

Which, if you stop and think about it for just a few seconds, means that according to Mr. Roe:

You can lie, cheat, steal, and even murder, as long as you're striving for the win.

You can stand before the voters and blatantly LIE to them.

If you're a married person, you can CHEAT on your spouse as long as you're trying to win votes.

You can steal from others or from your campaign fund as long as you can rationalize the theft as a strategy for winning.

You can even kill another person, or multiple people, if they stand between you and the campaign win.

This is what Jeff Roe proudly said in his public statement, and this is the philosophy that he practices and teaches others to emulate. And this is exactly why the American political system is broken, most have little respect for our leadership, and our nation continues to swirl downward while embracing values antithetical to our original founding.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Tracy is the best commenter on this blog, & Tony is lucky to have her participation.

Anonymous said...

Bilerun is at least smart enough to know he is the WORST commenter on this blog. All he has to do to shore up that fact is comment.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Bishop said...

Byron is begging for a friend. Tracy is far from the best commenter.

Anonymous said...

MAGA, no matter who you are.

Anonymous said...

I used to work for Axiom so I am biased. I now work for one of the largest publicly traded companies in KC.

Tracy, you are rarely right but never in doubt.

1) do you mean graves? Not blunt. Jeff didn’t work for blunt for congress. False. And if anyone broke into anyone’s house jeff would be in prison. That’s never been alleged and he has a lot of scrutiny.
2) cruz won Iowa. Cruz did better than anyone imagined and almost everyone in the entire political industry gives jeff a lot of the credit.
3) jeff didn’t work on bistate. False.
4) he passed the arrowhead and the K renovations thank God.
5) axiom didn’t work on the 123GO bonds. False.
6) Axiom didn’t work on the airport campaign. False.
7) Axiom is running cruz’s Reelect. He was the first one hired.
8) jeff was on tv all the time during the presidential campaign after cruz lost. All the time.
9) there was only one campaign manager. The senior strategist is on fox occasionally and NOT rehired to work for cruz. False again.

Tracy, your jealousy and resentment shines too bright. Check yourself. He doesn’t even know you exist you should probably get over him.

Tracy Thomas said...

Thank you, are my responses.
I stand corrected on some points, always happy to admit if I am mistaken or wrong.

1. Yes, I meant Graves, not Blunt. Thank you. Jeff masterminded that campaign against Cathy Reinhardt. Her apartment was ransacked, they were looking for oppo research. eg no TV's or valuables were taken. Paperwork and files were ransacked and torn apart folder by folder. Nobody went to jail because the goons were not arrested or questioned. Hell, it's Clay County. The Wild West. Home of Jesse James. And Jeff hired two photographers to stalk her in a parade getting within inches of her face. They admitted when questioned they had been hired to try to get an "ugly or scared photo" of her. It did not rise to the level of a crime. This style of dirty tricks was a well known about Jeff Roe. Even back then, his "winning is everything" brand was commonly known. He bragged about doing "anything" to get an edge. I find it disgusting. So do many others.

2. I never said Cruz lost Iowa. It was more nuanced. Yes, Cruz won Iowa by a few points, maybe 5? But the Ben Carson smear became the lead story, led the news cycle, which IS the game, rather than Cruz's only victory. Cruz's numbers tumbled after Iowa. Pyrrhic victory. Trump knocked him off that next week. And in the debates, which Roe mis-coached Cruz about. Cruz remained on snarling nasal squinty defense, (even the Nazi story). Cruz, ala Roe, became branded as a "sore winner", again, with Jeff Roe's guidance, willing to "do anything" to win. The entire political industry? Who cares. Just ask President Trump.

3. Jeff worked on BiState II, with Pat Gray, my former partner, who confirmed it. The one that they lost. Not sure why he won't admit it to you, since he and I discussed it when I was kicking his ass on Big Soccer, about his Lemony Snicket big lie, "do it for the children" campaign.
4. My team did not oppose the other renovation ballot initiative, because it was paid for only in Missouri, not Joco taxpayers for 20 years.
5. I could be wrong. But can't confirm with Glorioso, he's dead, on who did the research.
A Jeff Roe trained staffer worked on the 123GOBonds. I met with him, at the Chamber office, with Kristi Smith Wyatt,and 15 other Centurions one morning for an hour, where he bragged about it. The video Tony posted shows the octopus arms of many Axiom affiliates. Who cares if it was a different division? The overkill and the lies had ALL the hallmarks of a classic Jeff Roe effort.

6. Jeff Roe inherited the research industry leftovers of both Pat Gray and Steve Glorioso. Haven't reviewed the campaign contribution reports yet, but I'm guessing he took money for that lying bloated pig of a campaign.

7, Well, ya got me there. If Ted Cruz hired Jeff Roe for his upcoming Reelection campaign in Texas, he's even dumber and more narcissistic and out of touch than all the Senators who despise him think he is. Who is Cruz's opponent? Roy Moore's cousin?? All I can say is, Cruz's opponent should install security cameras at their home, cuz Jeff Roe hasn't changed his tactics. And never run out of clean shirts! Just ask Ben Carson.

8. On TV? Who cares? He didn't get the Fox correspondent JOB! The other guy did. The skinnier nicer one.

9. I watched the long documentary "on the bus" and there were two men featured. Roe and the other guy. I don't give a shit what their job titles were. Roe

I don't care if he knows me, tho we have talked. I work for free. For the taxpayer. I don't work for whores and billionaires. Roe only does.

Anonymous said...

1. If someone broke into a home they would be in jail. Don’t admit it if you don’t want to but you are trafficking in campaign lore. Urban legend, didn’t happen.
2. Cruz won 13 states. Do you think you could have beaten trump? Do you think you have more political talent than jeff?
3. No he didn’t. He didn’t even have a company then. False.
4. Ok
5. Nope.
6. Nope.
7. OK. Didn’t realize New Hampshire didn’t have dry cleaners. Fact is Ben Carson did drop out and didn’t compete. He just stayed in to help Trump.
8. Looks to me like he has no problem getting on tv. He wasn’t pining for any job. The other one doesn’t either. Just on occasionally. You should learn more about how cable TV works.
9. Where is your documentary?

Whores? Wow. You should watch who you disparage on this blog.

Anonymous said...

You guys should just text each other instead of making us read it. Axiom can’t win in the city because it’s 70% democrat. Tracy can’t win or get hired for anything. She needs to get a handle on her fantasy with Travis Smith though for sure. If he was that brilliant he would have his own company I would think. Lumber Jack in GQ? Sounds like a metro sexual with facial hair. Hardly Travis Kelce.

Anonymous said...

Tracy does sound silly.

Anonymous said...

Roe is STILL nothing more than a fat, ugly pig, who can't seem to stop stuffing that nasty pie hole of his. What a poor excuse for a man, the fucking pig.