Friday, December 15, 2017

Kansas City Friday Night Working Links

We find kinship with all of those locals still trying to get as much work done before everyone hangs it up for the holidays. Accordingly, we offer these Kansas City evening news links with just a lingerie hotness flash of Rosie brilliance because even at the office a man can dream, a man can dream . . .

Check the links:

Kangaroo Tech Gambit
UMKC Will Build State-Of-The-Art Computer Science Facility To Keep Up With EnrollmentNortheast Kansas City Biz Life

Northeast Newscast Episode 36 - on entrepreneurship w/ The Tamale Kitchen founder Becky Gripp

On the latest edition of the Northeast Newscast, we sit down with Becky Gripp, the founder of The Tamale Kitchen, to get some insight into the Northeast-based business. Gripp invited us to a tamale cook to get a look at the process, and opened up about the many stages The Tamale Kitchen has gone through since it's genesis in July of 2015.

Rare Instance Of Meth Town Restraint

Independence homeowner subdues would be burglar, holds him until police arrive

An Independence homeowner quickly foiled a burglar's plans by catching the suspect in the act and pinning him down until police could arrest him. Once the homeowner had the suspect pinned down he called the police. When officers arrived at the man's home, they found the homeowner still holding the suspect down.

Rock Chalk Teachable Moment

DA won't file rape charges from incident at KU basketball dorm; no suspect ever identified after alcohol-filled party

The Douglas County District Attorney's Office will not file sex assault charges from a report that a 16-year-old girl was raped a year ago at the University of Kansas men's basketball dorm. The investigation and inquiry into the case has concluded, and a sexual assault suspect was never identified, DA Charles Branson said Friday.


The Halls Are Decked - The Stevens Home

The 1902 home of Edward A. Stevens is all aglow for the holiday season thanks to its current owners Jeff Zumsteg and Jeffrey Linville. The annual decorating takes 10 full 8 hour days, although they spread it out a little more than that. There are 19 Christmas trees in the house this year.

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Anonymous said...

The reason there aren’t more women and people of color in engineering and computer science is because they can’t pass calc one or they’d rather be nurses. Unless you count Asians as people of color, then you’ve got a shit load.

Anonymous said...

UMKC will build a state of the art anti-KU rape Stevens Hall in the heart of old historic Northeast - got it

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo very pretty

Anonymous said...

great news about umkc. that will be an asset to kansas city.

Anonymous said...

Very good photo shoot Hyper well done!

Nobody lives in that house, it's a flipping museum.