Friday, December 15, 2017

Kansas City Dead-Tree Media Celebrates Christmas Ballet Identity Politics

Holiday season diversity note from this newspaper headline singles out a local dancer for her race rather than her impressive personal achievement. Check the "progressive" Christmas soft cruelty of low expectations:

KC Ballet's only black ballerina is honored to dance lead in 'The Nutcracker'

Whitney Huell is the only black ballerina with the Kansas City Ballet. This year she is dancing the role of the Snow Queen in "The Nutcracker."


Anonymous said...


KC Star writes: "KC Ballet's only black ballerina"


The Star Editorial Board couldn't bear to state that corrupt disgraced former Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders is a Democrat!

If the Star only sees people as individuals, without a desire to pigeonhole them into categories, why describe the excellent young dancer by her race? Institutional racism at The KC Star?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^Damn good point

Anonymous said...

Blacks have been cracking everyoines's nuts for decades. Why not have the one black who doesn't dance like a Watusi with a a hot poker up its ass ?

Byron Funkhouser said...

It is news that the ballerina is black.

Good for her, I hope she does well.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Bad for you. I hope you don't Byron you government scammer.

Anonymous said...

What a noble gesture ! We mustn't squander a single opportunity to exclude more talented Whites from a decidedly European work of cultural expression like The Nutcracker ! I can hear the whispers of joy ( barely audible over the clinking of jewelry) "how wonderful that there's a Black Snow Queen, isn't that just wonderful" ? Resentment to this deplorable elitist garbage is at the core of White Nationalism. Before long, it will be considered racist to NOT have a Black Snow Queen.........that's OK, because the house of cards where these self congratulating elites reside is wavering, and soon the whole thing will come crashing down.

Anonymous said...

The arts will be truly "Race Neutral" when Justin Timberlake can star in a Broadway revival of "The Emperor Jones"!

Until then this sort of thing smells of "Publicity Stunt".

Anonymous said...

Why does it matter what color she is? Only racist people like the Star and Byron believe so.

Anonymous said...

Dancing around like a bunch of Kansas City faggots.