Kansas City Crooks Target Houses With Big Ticket Items Placed In Christmas Recycling

Another example of saving the planet putting local families at risk. Read more:

Don't place boxes from Christmas gifts on curb for pick up

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's in with the new and out with the old every Christmas. Before you replace your new electronics, police have a warning. Don't leave big boxes for HDTVs or other expensive electronics on the curb for trash and recycling pick-up, police say.


  1. screw that. Place a bunch of big ticket items at the curb. Sit back and wait.

    1. Amazing. I thought I was the only one that’s was thinking like that. It would be a good way to legally kill a hood rat or two.

  2. Leaving anything of value at the end of your driveway would lure the metrosexual TRANNY GROIDS inner city youth scholar's hood rats there to rip you off , and then onto you house for some home invasion assault and beat down action ! Best to always carry a great bunch of guns for your family protection should this occur ! Can happen at anytime in KILLA CITY !

  3. I agree, don't leave the boxes from your new 60" Flatscreen, the new Playstation and your kid's Apple Computer at the curb.

    Take them a block away to your asshole neighbor's house, the one who voted for Trump, and leave them in front of HIS house.


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