Kansas City Chiefs Super-Fan Pranks Future Site Of Las Vegas Raiders Stadium

Meanwhile, Jimmy Hoffa is under the North facing endzone at Arrowhead . . . Read more:

A Chiefs flag is buried under the Raiders new stadium in Las Vegas

The headline says it all. This enterprising Chiefs fan was apparently working on the Raiders new stadium in Las Vegas. He is presumably a Chiefs fan and I say that because HE BURIED A DANG CHIEFS FLAG UNDER THE RAIDERS STADIUM!!! Well done, Chiefs fan.


  1. OOOOhhhhh, sick burn.

    The idiocy of the professional sports fan never ceases to amaze and delight.

  2. That's so awesome ! The Vegas raiders are cursed , doomed eternally ! The guy who did this should be ARMED and trained to use maximum force legally to defend himself and his family against the thugs that are raiders fans , and also be placed in the Chief's hall of fame !

  3. Agreed with the above mentioned poster , in a big way , MAGA !! And may all Snowflake HOMOSEXUALLY ABOUNDS TRANNY BITCHES SHIT HOLE EATING Raider fans hump each other off now and in the metrosexual future !¡ M.A.G.A AGAIN BITCHES ¡!¡!


    Emblematic of Zombie America!

    What's lurking in the background folks?

    Isn't that the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas which the government/controlled-media told you was the site of our nation's worst mass shooting? The pyramid is the Excalibur, adjacent to and overlooking the scene of the "Harvest" Festival.

    Do you wonder why there's been no explanation of what happened in Las Vegas? If you even were paying attention at the time, you likely forgot all about it within 1 week because the media dropped the story like a hot potato. They certainly are working hard to keep the citizens informed and protected aren't they?

    Ok, chuckle at the NFL football(distraction) prank, drink another beer (intoxicant), and go back to sleep in front of your TV (mind control).

  5. OK, lay it on us 1:21, what's your explanation of the Vegas mass shooting? Was it Bush's fault, or are you over that?

  6. The story fails to note that the flag was crammed up Hoffa's dead arse just to remind him not to screw with the Outfit.


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