Saturday, December 02, 2017


One of Kansas City's best bloggers pens an EPIC and COMPREHENSIVE REAL ESTATE SCREED documenting a housing nightmare after flooding earlier this year.

This post has EVERYTHING: Tragedy, black mold, broken promises, relocation and busted local water infrastructure.

Check it:

Pleasantly Eccentric: James B Nutter, Indian Creek and my nightmare

The horrific scenario is brilliantly recounted by blogger Aimee as she details longstanding local FAIL that now threatens local real estate.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Nutter shit on all of us and then died and took nothing with him.

We are only now finally finding out had bad we were shit on.

chuck said...

What does your lawyer say?

How much and who has exposure (Financial)?

I don't know the law with respect to this, but, if laws are in place, protecting home owners from this type of abuse, I would think your redress is considerable.

This would be a story that a jury in Johnson County would eat up with a spoon. It would take years, but my guess is your life in the workplace would be over and you could spend 24-7 in a TKC type life, blogging away at your own personal windmills.

Tuff deal, hope you cut their fuckin hearts out.

Anonymous said...

I laughed at all the accolades and "what a great guy" Nutter was when he died. The problems with Nutter are the nothing new and go back decades. He fucked over people whenever he could and whenever he could make a profit.

Anonymous said...

Why does she keep her wedding dress?

Anonymous said...

When she bought her condo, mortgage company should have checked flood maps for 100 year, 500 year flooding designations. Federal flood insurance is often required.
She should get out and stay out. Is her mortgage company Nutter or only owner of empty condo?
Seek accommodation with her mortgage company or sue the mortgage company.
I admire the independence of single or divorced women, but they often make decisions without consulting knowledgeable friends or other professionals about major purchases. Undoubtedly, her realtor was delighted to sell her this unit in a flood prone area.
Consider lawsuits against all of the above.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Go to Nutters office and ask to talk to someone. They are usually very cooperative. Have you gone to a doctor? Document it.

Anonymous said...

At least the flooding closed down that den of fags called Coaches.