Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Kansas City Beer News Roundup

Check this informative list of the beer scene winning that touts a growing list of local offerings and celebrates the growing economy surrounding the last legal drug in town.

Take a look:

Tap List | Bier Station Turns Five

Bier Station (120 E. Gregory Blvd.) gears up to celebrate its fifth anniversary on Jan. 13. As that anniversary approaches, founder John Couture reflects on the craft beer taproom and retail shop and its place in the community. Flatland: What would you change if you could start over again?


Anonymous said...

I knew John a long time ago. He was a great guy then, and he's still a great guy. Wish you all the luck, John.

Anonymous said...

Please don't kill your liver with this stuff or at least remember to drink a lot of water.