Saturday, December 02, 2017

Kansas City Alternative Communion?!?!

A thoughtful explanation of a retro religious tradition from Kansas City's top faith writer. Take a look:

The attraction of 'dinner churches': 12-1-17

When what eventually became the Christian church got its start as a branch of Judaism, followers of Jesus met and worshiped in homes, generally around a festive meal. Mike Graves, who teaches at St. Paul School of Theology and who...

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Anonymous said...

That little tidbit trashing on Trump following his article is typical two-faced Tammy. Billy, you are feckless and a phony if you believe you've never had reason to write "in this 21st century" in response to the divisiveness of Barry's speeches about religion. Google "Obama's divisive speech on religion" TO VIEW AMPLE ARCHIVES OF YOUTUBE AND OTHER SOURCES APLENTY.

Just 9 hours ago Al Jazeera recounts in a live visit, showcasing the return of truly celebrating "CHRISTMAS" at the White House.

It's quoted in the video that ALL 8 years of the "CHRISTMAS" cards sent from Obama's time in "the peoples' house" NEVER had CHRISTMAS printed on ANY of them!