Friday, December 29, 2017

Kansas Alternative Political Party???

Because the Kansas Dems are hapeless and the Kansas GOP is still run by the ghost of Sen. Bob Dole's boner pills . . . Here's a look at hopefuls looking to change the paradigm and offering insight in the process outside of the 3rd best bar in Lawrence:

Kansas centrists draw on voter frustration in quest to build new political party

LAWRENCE - Emporia Gazette editor William Allen White brandished ink pen like a cudgel to confront a Kansas political environment that epitomized lost opportunity and rubbed raw by snickering of outsiders.

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Anonymous said...

America needs a multiparty system if we are ever going to nurture the compromised required to get legitimate legislation passed. We are never going to start dealing with our real issues until we reduce party power and increase responsibility. Fat chance it will ever happen because we are living in the one country in the world where change (even when it is better) is resisted at all costs.