Tuesday, December 05, 2017

High Tax Lesson Plan For Kansas Schools

The MSM narrative focuses on . . . But, like it or not, ultimately there's a bit of redemption at the end of this path in terms of the current Sunflower State re-commitment to public education. Read more:

Kansas headed toward debating tax increase again for schools

TOPEKA, Kan. - Kansas legislators are headed toward considering a second big tax increase within a year because of a state Supreme Court order to boost funding for public schools, though even vocal supporters of education spending find the prospect unappealing.


Anonymous said...

Tax them, tax them, tax them. Those rubes in Kansas deserve to pay out of their asses! The fools who elected that idiot for Gov deserve to be taxed within in inch of their lives. Elections have consequences. Support repubtards requires you pay and pay and pay......

Anonymous said...

The Laffer Curve Theory only addresses Federal Tax Revenues. It posits that there is an optimal level of taxation (not defined by the Theory) at which any losses from reducing taxes will actually increase Tax Revenues by stimulating growth and incomes. This Theory was developed in an attempt to explain, in economic terms, why the tax reductions that JFK advocated and Congress enacted in 1962, seem to have caused a growth spurt in the Economy.

The GOP has seized on this Theory, not in attempt to grow the Economy, but rather to shrink the Government! They ignore the obvious, that none of their tax cuts since 1980 have resulted in any growth, and attempt to force growth by Deficit Spending. Their attempts to "Shrink Government", which do not include such steps as reducing Corporate Welfare or R&D Spending Grants, and do not address such ideas as treating "Executive Benefits" as Income, and by "Reducing the Burden of Regulation" by repealing CERTAIN regulations, have not produced the expected results either.

If they want true "Fair Taxation" and "Regulatory Relief",
they should advocate the following...

1 - Taxation) a Flat Tax Rate of 10%, with every dollar received, from any source, considered to be Income within that year.

2 - Deregulation) Eliminate or repeal all Patent or Copyright Laws, and Legal and Medical Licensing.

But, somehow I don't think the GOP (or their Owners) will adopt this policy, even in Kansas.

They don't even seem to grasp the first Principle of Economics, simple as it is... "Just Keep Everybody Working".