Hero Cop Talks Lenexa CostCo Shooting

His training and actions undoubtedly saved lives . . . Here's what he has to say about the deadly confrontation:

Off-duty officer speaks publicly after self-defense shooting in Lenexa Costco

The off-duty officer who shot and killed a man in the Lenexa Costco is talking for the first time publicly about what happened. Kansas City, KS police Capt. Michael Howell was inside the store when Ronald Hunt began yelling and threatening customers. After a confrontation, Howell opened fire, killing Hunt.


  1. Byron Funkhouser12/15/17, 4:01 PM

    He probably didn't save any lives. The man had an ancient weapon that probably wouldn't have worked. He committed suicide by cop.

  2. We need him down at Westport to shoot some hood rats. We need open season on hood rats.

  3. Again, Byron, the professional thief solves the crime.

  4. In other words Bilerun told you so....

  5. Hmmmmmmm wasn't what Byron was saying a few days ago he was calling the cop a killer.


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