Monday, December 11, 2017

Healthcare Crisis Inspires Kansas City Musician Community Holiday Jam

A benefit for the Midwest Music Foundation and a realization that neither Trumpcare nor Obamacare satisfy more widespread demands for a real single-payer option. Read more:

Kansas City Musicians Show Fan-Love By Covering Each Others' Songs For A Good Cause

When The Matchsellers ' Julie Bates sent out the word that she was organizing Cover Me, Kansas City Folk, an evening of local roots and acoustic songwriters covering each other's songs, nearly every songwriter leapt at the chance. "People were really excited about it," she says.

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Anonymous said...

Music is awesome, but responsible musicians get jobs with health insurance and play music the rest of the time. You can join the military reserves, work part time at UPS or get a day job as a music teacher with a school. Sorry, but no free ride for you so you can party at night and sleep all day.