Friday, December 01, 2017

Gullible Kansas City Group With High Hopes Craft Christmas List For New Airport

Thankfully, these dweebs are mostly consultants bulking up their billable hours as they attempt to convenience locals that the new airport isn't going to be a pricey disaster made of glass and plastic. Read more:

From Bigger Restrooms To More Parking, Residents Weigh In On New KCI Airport Design

Bigger restrooms. Convenient parking. More Outlets. Better food options. Residents in Kansas City's Northland weighed in on what they'd like to see included in the design for a new, single terminal at Kansas City International airport.


Anonymous said...

Bathroom attendants that will wipe my ass for me.

Anonymous said...

Shoeshine stand for Sly to work at when he gets out of prison.

Anonymous said...

Okay, first I was there, and this article is Bullshit!

The so-called "input" from the attendees consisted of Edgemoor listing a series of questions and providing a selection of two to six "answers" for each question. Attendees were ONLY allowed to select one of the answers provided, no additions or changes or alternative questioning permitted.

This technique is called "Directed Result Surveying" and is used(usually with more finesse) to obtain validation of predetermined results from a group of participants.

They attendees were also crowded into a small part of the room, with all TV Cameras carefully aimed to give an illusion of more participation than what actually existed.


Anonymous said...

If there were 100 people at the Police Academy on Wednesday, Nov 29, I am the Queen of France. We were shown a very fuzzy slide show with no NEW information on the design of the terminal. Understandably they couldn't actually work on the design until all the paperwork was signed. So we were treated to a weird interactive process where we entered answers on our smart phones and they popped up on the screen. Woo hoo. Also, prior to the non-information session, we were given green dots to stick on a board of pictures. What that had to do with the design of an airport, I have NO idea. I put my stickers on Union Station, Kauffman Center, and the sports stadiums. Again, no idea how THAT is going to help them create our new airport. After the slide show, we were asked to adjourn to another room to discuss stuff. We didn't stay. We had already wasted our evening learning nothing.

Anonymous said...

After my post at 7:44, a friend who attended the meeting with me pointed out that the photograph attached to KCUR's article was not even one taken at the meeting!

The photograph shows people at round tables in a hallway, while the participants at the meeting in the Northland last Wednesday (75 or less, certainly not the hundred claimed) were all crowded around rectangular tables in the Police Academy's Cafeteria.

All of this simply adds to the impression that both the City and Edgemoor, as well as their minions - the Media Outlets - aren't even bothering to disguise their contempt for the residents of this City.

Anonymous said...

Build a three terminal airport that's very convenient - oh wait, we already have that.