Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Let's start the midweek off with just a bit of documentation about who is really in charge of Kansas City.

To wit and for those who haven't seen it already:


Text of the Chamber letter . . .

Dear Mayor James and members of the City Council:

We are writing to share our concern about recent developments in the process to finalize an agreement on the construction of a new, single terminal at KCI Airport.

Business, labor, and civic organizations invested $2 million in a campaign to create a new, modern gateway to our community. Voters agreed, answering with a nearly 76 percent mandate to proceed with a new modern terminal.

Kansas City voters said “yes” to “A Better KCI,” expecting you and your colleagues to proceed in an open, transparent, and professional manner to bring the new terminal to fruition. The airport’s many regional users expect the same. As does the business community.

The actions of these past few days do nothing to reassure Kansas Citians and the business community in the process now underway at City Hall, and is not a good example of how business should be conducted. We urge you to negotiate in good faith and in a transparent manner respecting the integrity of the process. We also urge you to “get it done.”

A copy for your files . . .

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

The swells at the Chamber should understand, as businessmen and women, that if you don't do proper due diligence before investing you'll possibly buy into a losing proposition.
Of course most of them don't have to be worried about making "investments" in KCMO because they can count on Sly and the gang using taxpayers' money to cover their bets, even if and after they go bad.
The letters simply demonstrate that the Chamber gang expects something for their money, and they mean all the bucks they've poured into municipal political campaigns as well as empty and mostly untruthful PR they spent on their airport issue.
And, not only have they wasted their companies' funds, they've made themselves look foolish and incompetent in the process.
World class.
Third World!

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, Rockhurst Mafia 'bout ta git real mad. Whoa, bet those tuition rates will rise and some scholarships are gonna shrink if the dough gets low.

Anonymous said...

These swells also don’t care why? They don’t live in KC. They all live in Leawood.
Joe Reardon the face of the Chamber and the chief pimp of this project lives in KCK.

Anonymous said...

6:15 You are correct that the Chamber favors the third world system. A system of crony capitalism where the elite receive government largess and the citizens are only looked at as victims.

Hyperblogal said...

I wonder how many rushed business deals with no line item particulars the members of the chamber would participate in? Odd that a business group would be so cavalier about details.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

LOL - the Chamber is demanding that their hired peons on the Council get to work. Most Chamber members don't even live in KCMO, and they certainly don't pay taxes here. That has always been the problem with our Great Town. The power brokers are sucking the taxpayers dry while incurring no risk.

This whole Edgemoor deal was a scam to make sure that Burns & Mac got the prize. Doesn't anyone out there doubt it?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Reardon should acknowledge the incredibly wrong minded role the Chamber has had in the course of events leading up to this debacle. Does anyone really think the Chamber was not plugged into the Burns and Mac fix all along. Yeah right, expect this story to unravel, but it was self evident that no quality plan or process could take place in the force fed one month cluster that Sly orchestrated. The business leaders acting like that is good form, well they have lost the plot as a quality process that people can believe in with a well sorted plan, that is what needed to happen and didn't, note the Chamber didn't say boo then.

You want to know how things got to this stage, well go back to the days of enthrall with Burns and Mac at the Chamber, even prior to Reardon, this is what a Rockhurst mafia fix looks like.

Now we get the puffed up rhetoric of we are shocked, shocked that things are not perfect. This unfortunately is the fall out from the fall out of the failed and found out fix. It is high comedy that now Sly and Reardon are talking about transparency, communications, integrity. They were the key players in the genesis of the fix all along.

A line was crossed, from positive networking and alignment, to something that took on the purpose of an advantaged fix for inside interests. This will now be peeled back, but if the business players want to pressure urgency on moving a mess forward, then get ready to have push back and to have this whole debacle undressed like you have not seen before.

I don't think the Chamber wants subpoenas and discovery, of their involvement all along, now Reardon acts like he needs to send a public letter, do you really think he doesn't talk to Sly regularly, please.

Want to consider some consequences, Reardon, Sly, Marcuse, Mark 1, Burns and Mac leadership when this began, Greg Graves, Merriman (the financing). If you think this wasn't cooked up and purposely foisted to capture with fait accompli the billion dollar plus revenue stream we have a bridge to sell you. Note how the water carriers for the Airport fix have all been posturing as independent entities just aligned coincidentally. Bullfrog.

Now the hounds of hell will start peeling the Onion. Sly and Reardon have been actors in this theatre for a long time, as have a great number of Rockhurst Mafia players, stay tuned. The Chamber should go back to business networking and not setting fixes, or rushing sloppy processes they actually had a hand in causing. The Area Economic development authority should go back to doing work supporting the growth of area businesses and attracting new ones. There will be an improved airport, the Rockhurst mafia should quiet down, and recuse themselves or get ready for real examination of their methods.

Simply a coincidence, yeah right, but then Rockhurst gave Sly an ethics award right when this was all falling apart as a failed fix. This was purposeful strategy of the Rockhurst mafia, and it time to call it what it was. The Chamber acting like a one month slam period was adequate for the development of a plan to vote on was high comedy, and to now be pressuring the Council, perhaps Chamber you should get your own house in order.

Any business entity that goes along with a one month rush for a billion dollar plus plan, when the effort is lead by admitted amateurs is lacking an intellectual rudder.

Pretty sure the Rockhurst mafia doesn't want to slug out the details in the court of public opinion. This is the result of an insider quest for a billion dollar revenue stream, and it is not nearly over. Perhaps Chamber house cleaning is in order, at least they should refrain from blaming others for the mistakes they in fact caused, and then reinforced in recommending the rush. Rockhurst gave Sly the ethics award while he was engaged in all this, now the chickens have come home to roost. This might be a good case study for the business school at Rockhurst.