Golden Ghetto Gets Their Say On #NewKCI

Report on a yet another listening session that is nothing less than a slap in the face to KCMO voters. Or just more insult to injury after the latest rigged election. Take a look:

Edgemoor representatives leave positive impression on Johnson County flyers

Breaking News People generally had high praise for the KCI terminal contractor at its only public design meeting in Johnson County. More than 20 percent of the passengers who routinely fly in and out of KCI are from Johnson County.


  1. Let’s ask the only people who really matter that don’t have to pay for it, hell, if I lived in Kansas and they asked me there would be gold bidets in all the bathrooms, toilet seats with lids that had warmers, posh sleeping rooms for layovers and I think you get the picture. They’re not paying for it so let’s shoot for the moon. I can’t wait to see what these folks expect us to pay for

  2. Did anyone ask for a Johnson County Kansas only parking area ?

    1. I don’t know, but I like that idea. I hate the thought of my Lexus getting dinged by some uninsured MO jalopy.

  3. Don't waste your time going to these meetings. It's part of the plan to make you feel good that our city leaders sold out the voters once again. Once the new agreement with the ironies is signed, the city loses control of its best asset. The airlines will control everything and they will build whatever they want. There are serious design flaws with what has been presented but no one seems to care.

  4. That picture, Holy Cr%#, it looks like romper room with those colors and polka dots. Do any sophisticated people live in KC?

  5. So one of the leaders was "furiously taking notes" at the little breakout session? And I'm guessing those notes were instantly turned into paper airplanes and then shredded. I'm hoping someone who actually attended this JoCo meeting would tell us what really happened in the meetings. And they can leave out the part about "furiously scribbled notes".

  6. I was there.

    There was a presentation about how outdated the current airport is and how the new design will be modern.

    There were some instant cell phone polling to get feedback about the airport and KC. It just confirmed basic ideas - like nobody takes mass transit to KCI and business / leisure travel is 50/50 split.

    The table discussions asked what would make the airport memorable to visitors. What do you want it to look like?

    That was the problem. Look like? I've been to 40 countries and hundreds of airports. I've never said to anyone: what a great city, your have to go - their airport was amazing! I do remember the shitty ones.

    A new KCI needs to be convenient and efficient. The current design is similar to several boxy airports that have TSA logjams and long walks to the back gates. Unfortunately, they seemed locked into exactly that.

    A marketing message about how great KC is and a glassy foyer doesn't make up for a crappy design. It doesn't compensate for having to walk 20 minutes to exit the airport, when it now takes 3.

  7. Why hasn't anyone commented on the shuttlecocks Edgemoor has added to their pretty picture? Evidently someone connected with them is familiar with the history of them and their existence in KC, and has slipped them in as a subtle way of giving all of us the "dastardly Digit".

    For those of you who don't remember, Oldenburg and van Bruggen had shopped the idea for these turkeys around the NY and LA Art Scenes for twenty years, getting laughed at the entire time. Suddenly the Sosland Family appears, and they are commissioned for the Nelson! The result was, from the mid90s on, the snarkiest thing you could say about someone's work in New York was "I'll bet they'd buy that in Kansas City"! We're still a laughingstock there, and someone at Edgemoor knows that.

    Now that Edgemoor has a lock on their MOU, the City has to either give them complete control of KCI in perpetuity or buy them off with a butt-load of cash, the amount to be named by them!

    Very similar to the Nichols Grandkids going off to Florida to play "Real Estate Tycoon" with some real Sharks and losing ownership of the Plaza, except that now it's the entire City of Kansas City losing its own Airport! Edgemoor has "carte blanche" to build anything they want and borrow any amount they can to do so, paying themselves any amount of management fees they want along the way, before they dissolve and cease to exist.

    Well played, Edgemoor!


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