Sunday, December 24, 2017

Even More Kansas City Sunday Links

Angel Candice offers even more Christmastime inspiration right now as we check just a few Kansas City MSM links today.

Take a peek:

Charging Kansas City Northland
Kansas City committee considers tolls to pay for Buck O'Neil Bridge replacement
Kansas City Football Celebrates Coats Over Controversy
Chiefs' Marcus Peters hands out 300 jackets for Christmas
Kansas Price Spike Smoke Out
As more cities and counties raise tobacco age, state lawmakers may be asked to intervene
Show-Me Social Media Guv

Facebook powers Gov. Greitens as he maneuvers around Missouri's mainstream news media

CLOSE Gov. Eric Greitens knows full well that his Facebook account has become a powerful communication tool with which he circumvents traditional media outlets. "It used to be that the only way people could get information was through the liberal media. Not anymore," Greitens posted in November.

Kansas City Corporate Holiday
The History Of Gift Wrap
White Christmas Hype

First Alert Forecast: Snow moves out, cold sticks around

First Alert Forecast: Snow moves out, cold sticks around

Kansas City "Great War" History

The Christmas Truce miracle: Soldiers put down their guns to sing carols and drink wine

On a frosty, starlit night, a miracle took place. In 1914, a melody drifted over the darkness of No Man's Land. First "O, Holy Night," then "God Save the King." Peeking over their trenches for what must have been the first time in weeks, British soldiers were surprised to see Christmas trees lit with candles on the parapets of the enemy's trenches.

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Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favor for Christmas - Wrap it up!

Jonsie said...

A toll is not the answer here. People will just find a different route.

Anonymous said...

Sly James Toll Plaza...
I think it has a nice ring to it!

Anonymous said...

blow it up and use a ferry boat

Anonymous said...

What a nice diaper to wrap the Great War into. No way to know, I'll bet 90% of participants were dead or dismembered 4 yrs later. Thats why it only happened once; they both thought they were winning. If this had happened Christmas 1917 I would be truly impressed.

chuck said...

What a waste.

The lights that went out all over Europe came back on, just in time for the Muslim invasion.

Europe wants still, to this day, a suicide.

A death at the hands of sub human interlopers who rape their children and wives and cut off their heads.

A continental death wish, comes, to cowards.

Anonymous said...

Take the bridge, sell naming rights and use the money to repair the bridge. The tax payers already paid for it once and the local jacks named iy after a boon. Fuck that!