Monday, December 04, 2017

Even More Kansas City Monday Working Links

One of our favorite pr0n stars calls herself "Claire Dames" as she works to balance career, family and social media hotness in a way that inspires this blast of even more Kansas City news for right now . . .

Kansas City Season Of Scams

Online purchase scams have doubled in the Kansas City area

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In the past three to four months online purchase scams have doubled in the Kansas City area, according to the Better Business Bureau. The organization had some tips for online shoppers.

Locals Cope With 2017 Disasters

Disaster Follow-Up; The Honorary Consulates Of Kansas City

Three months have passed since a series of hurricanes rocked the Caribbean and the U.S. mainland. But are things improving? Today, Kansas Citians with loved ones affected by this year's bout of natural disasters give us an update on how recovery efforts are progressing.

Sleaze Scummit Tax Warning

Deadline to pay county property taxes is approaching. Here's where you can pay taxes

Jackson County taxpayers, take note: The deadline to pay 2017 property taxes is coming up this month. If you live in the city of Lee's Summit, residents can pay their tax bill at City Hall. The city of Lee's Summit reminded residents in a Nov.

Celebrate Kansas City Medical Industrial Complex Building Boom

Children's Mercy seeks approval for Hospital Hill research tower - Kansas City Business Journal

The Kansas City Plan Commission on Tuesday is scheduled to consider a development plan that would allow Children's Mercy to add a nine-story research tower to its Hospital Hill campus. Designed by BSA LifeStructures, which is based in Indianapolis but has an Overland Park office, the building will be constructed above an existing eight-level parking garage with four above-grade floors.

Fear Broke-Ass Kansas End Game
Nursing homes hesitate to take dying patients awaiting KanCare coverage
Show-Me Lesson In Lingering Doubts

Missouri BoE Member: Next Education Leader Will be 'tainted'

"There will never be a way to disconnect the new person from the way Commissioner Vandeven's tenure ended,"

Bitter Realization For Kansas City Fanboys

The Kansas City Chiefs stink

As the closing seconds of the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the New York Jets ticked away on Sunday, the CBS announcer declared "and the funk continues for K.C.". It certainly did continue on Sunday as the New York Jets out paced the Chiefs to a final score of 38-31.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Sure the Chiefs stink just like Byron Funkhouser does. They are both losers and neither one seems the least bit interested in improving their life. No instead they suck off money from everyone else while performing piss poor functions in society.

Anonymous said...

Says the loser who feels compelled to comment about other "losers". What does that make you then? Let me help you because you sound really, really, really stupid, a LOSER!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

3:45 Did you really read that before you posted it? Talk about acting like a loser.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Did you get permission to be in the day room after your privileges were revoked? Talk about being a belligerent loser!

Anonymous said...


While some accused Claire of being an affront to the school's modest image, I found she kept me abreast of emerging issues!!!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean they will be kneeling for the cause, after all it must be racism that's causing them to lose.

The Truth of the Matter said...

I'd tell you the truth but you couldn't handle it snowflakes.