Thursday, December 28, 2017

Downtown Kansas City Crook Crash Landing

Suspects captured inside the loop begs the question: ARE WE LOOKING AT MORE CRIME IN DOWNTOWN KCMO for 2018???

Check the deets for those who haven't seen this one already:

Armed robbery suspects wreck in downtown KCMO

A police chase that began in at the Kentucky Fried Chicken at 7th and Kansas Ave., in Kansas City, Kan., ended in downtown Kansas City, Mo., when the suspect's car hit another vehicle head-on. Police said the chase started just after 7:45 p.m. Thursday evening when Kansas City Kansas Police officers received an arm robbery call.


Anonymous said...

Kentucky Fried Chicken at 7th and Kansas Ave., in Kansas City, Kan.?

Colonel Sanders?

Then this has definitely got to be a case of White Institutional Racism inciting violence.

Anonymous said...

Naw,this was an innocent mistake. Javier and Hortense were lost and were asking for directions at the KFC. Their thick Spanish accents on the very limited Englais they know was taken for a stick up. Javier asked, "Dees ease Arm...Ruh...? Um, Dees ease Arm...Ruh...?"

As they get back in their car, Hortense, says to Javier, "Gringo give to us muchos dineros so fast."

Javier replies, "Si, they so nice here een Arm...Ruh...DALE. That's eet! ARM-RUH-DALE!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, more glorious accolades for that most noble of peoples, the negroid! Peaceful, kind, industrious, leading the way for a better future for us all!!!

By robbing a KFC.