Friday, December 08, 2017

Does Anybody Really Care About Guv Greitens And His Faux Secret Texting App That Already Has Millions Of Installs????

Quick story behind the story . . . This week the local newspaper picked up an exceptionally flimsy criticism of Guv Greitens touted by Super-Minority Missouri Democrats.

First off . . . MILLIONS of people have the Confide app so it's not really that groundbreaking.

Secondly, Confide doesn't really work. It's just tech hype and a sales pitch to gullible people who don't know much about online privacy (or the lack thereof) and think this kind of gimmick protects them from embarrassment. It doesn't.

There are plenty of reasons to criticism the Guv: He's anti-union, his own party resents him and his accomplishments so far are mostly cosmetic and uninspiring.

But the ploy to report the use of consumer grade tech that's not even as fun as Snapchat as some kind of conspiracy seems like a troubling effort by the local newspaper to create a controversy. You decide:

Greitens' self-destructing texts inspire call for attorney general investigation

Revelations by The Star that Gov. Eric Greitens uses an app that deletes text messages after they've been read outraged Missouri Democrats, who are calling on Attorney General Josh Hawley to open a formal investigation of the governor's office. They are also vowing to push legislation aimed at ensuring the state's open records law isn't being undermined.


Anonymous said...

On the iPhone. Disabling message previews is probably the best way to keep your texts more private.

Anonymous said...

Every app scares the newspaper because they don't really understand it.

Anonymous said...

in This environment I can’t blame him, as violent and angry as the dummocrats and the libtards have gotten more power to him

Anonymous said...

They understand downsizing.
Lee Judge’s last day is next Friday.
I didn’t always agree with him, but he was original and smart as hell about baseball.
The editorial board- not original and not smart.
Short their stock and get rich!

Anonymous said...