Dead-Tree Media Talks Kansas City Murder Count While Their Stock Is On Life Support

We welcome coverage from the daily newspaper crime coverage given that they're basically repeating a not-so-fun-fact our blog community has been talking about for a month . . . But our blog community is also concerned about their fortunes.

They lost nearly one-third of their value in 2017. The good news, from our blog community: "It's good that they're trying to restructure their crippling debt, but in an era of artificially low interest rates, redeeming $75M of some $440M you borrowed at 9-percent interest, only makes a small dent in your death spiral."

And here's their sad story today regarding the local homicide spike and no real solutions . . .

Kansas City's terrifying year of homicides - the worst in 24 years

Two men were working on the evening of Dec. 7 at a small convenience store in Kansas City - one of America's most murderous cities in the midst of its deadliest year in more than two decades. An angry 36-year-old father stalked alone through the store, distracted, on his phone, in a heated argument with his 18-year-old son.


  1. Where’s sLIE???

  2. Your town is one of the most murderous shitholes in the United States. The local ruling class doesn't much care because most of the victims are poor and black. There you have the whole story in two short sentences.

    1. Can’t really say that I blame them. It would be nice to hit 200 next year.

    2. 11:30 - Killa City's nigs be killin' daysevs!

      There, fixed it for ya in a simple SIX word sentence.

  3. This article is Full of the names of different groups that exist to "end the violence" Bullshit!

    If they were having any effect at all we would not be talking about this. Isn't it time to stop funding these "Work-Fare Programs" for the politically connected?

    None of their "vigils" or "calls for Justice" mean a damn thing!
    And handing out "COMBAT" t-shirts hasn't reduced the murder level noticeably either!

  4. Mayor Bullhorn don't care! That fat clown has his eye on further opportunities to do nothing and be well compensated. What a bad joke Sly is.

  5. Tony made this point on Thursday. Seventy percent of the crime is drug and gang related. The gangs are fighting over territory. Or its anger. Or robbing someone to buy drugs. Or someone being robbed shoots,someone. ..

  6. Drug crime is out of control in KC.

    Can we deal with this?


  7. Crime in New York is at its lowest in 30 years.
    In Kansas City one of the Highest.

    Kansas City needs a real Police Department, not just a money grabbing one, we need results, not talk.

  8. 3:30pm is correct.
    New York City:
    population 8.5 million
    homicides as of December 29, 2017 248
    population 472,000
    homicides as of December 28, 2017 149
    You'd be hard-pressed to find a better example of what ignoring the facts and not having an actual municipal government can mean.
    And some of these elected people think they can actually run for higher office based on their records?

  9. KC = Detroit.

  10. KCPD suck at their jobs.


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