Thursday, December 28, 2017

Dead-Tree Media Power Play: Kansas City Star Demands Guv Brownback Resign

Amid rampant local corruption, murder count fear and so many hobo popsicles turning up all over town . . . Today the newspaper looks to flex its muscle by way of this sleazy political hack job using faith community talking points. Read more:

Gov. Brownback, it's time to resign and let Kansas move on

Governor Brownback, it's time to walk away. As a convert to Catholicism - someone who wasn't just born into the faith, but chose it - maybe think of it this way: It's time to follow the selfless and historic example of Pope Benedict XVI and step down from the job, ceding power not because you have to, but for the good of the faithful.


Anonymous said...

The star needs to resign!

Anonymous said...

Only geezers care about the Star. Nobody under 70 reads it.

Anonymous said...

Listen to the Catholic-hating Star yammering on about anyone or anything Catholic.
They are all atheists and pagans who will burn in Hell.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah the Star is sooooo influential....especially over in Kansas where the wannabe newspaper is a freaking joke.

Anonymous said...

Brownback interviewed and accepted another job.

Colyer gave his acceptance speech to take over in July.

The Star is actually late on this. They are stating what the people of Kansas should have been saying months ago.

For all those TKC business owners out there, wouldn't you have already fired an employee that announced they left and they were still hanging around???

Unless everyone is thrilled with a part time governor, half assing it while doing other jobs. Oh wait, Kobach is already doing that as SOS and asking for the same deal as the potential next governor.

Anonymous said...

The star’s “highly influential” editorial board must have the governor scared half to death!
As we know know that newspapers are one of the Top 10 industries that are dying- as today’s article in USA TODAY points out- you wonder what they are doing to re-invent themselves. Pontificating sure helps build subscribers.
Since they love Catholics and can’t wait to name call Catholics- perhaps this is a great way to purge Catholic readers and help put their trade away for good.
Keep up the work- KC Star editorial board! Keep hiring Menzsa quality people to insult complete races of people and religions!
Some of us are counting on getting rich as we short your stock.

Retro ROCKER said...

The STAR endorsed Clinton with thirty years of Racketeering .and Its,Breaking news as we speak. Her crooked deals in the Obama administration. Money coming into her foundation. And they were bribes. And the Star I'm sure knew about her dirty deals in the past. And you trust a media outlet that misleads its readers.