Sunday, December 03, 2017

Dead-Tree Media DESPERATELY Working To Rebuild Credibility That Prez Trump Has Destroyed

This column from a McClatchy honcho talks about an upcoming effort to rebuild media trust and credibility as Prez Trump has, for better or worse, DESTROYED THE MSM PARADIGM and reminds Americans to challenge information gatekeepers who, like newspaper companies, are quickly losing market share and influence.

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chuck said...

"The Trust Project, funded by Google, Newmark, Knight and the Democracy Fund, two weeks ago unveiled the results of a two-year effort to build what they describe as a “nutrition label’’ for content."

Total bullshit.

Trusting Google to be an objective superintendent of the veracity of content on the internet, is worse than Kansas City citizens expecting Jenee Osterheldt to provide a realistic look at race relations here in the Metro.

Google, like Facefuckin book, is an agenda driven, Progressive champion of Open Borders, elitist, Kleptocratic Fascists, who suppress free speech, traffic in specious narratives and seek the replacement of the white middle class with cheap foreign labor and Vote-For-A-Living parasites.

These companies, in conjunction with most others in Silicon Valley are, with the help of the 4th Estate, the Deep State and the Democrat-Marxist Party, want you fuckin dead, just like Oprah told us. If you listen long enough, people will tell you what they want. What "Black lies Matter", Antifa, Democrats, the 4th Estate, Academia and the legions of organizations like Media Matters et al, want, is you dead white boy. Dead, dead, dead...

Jeff fuckin Bezos didn't buy the Washington Post because he wanted a return to the Halcyon days of supposedly objective journalism and he told you so, right in your fuckin face, if you just payed attention.

"Democracy Dies In Darkness".

What a laugh up his fuckin sleeve he must have had the night he dreamed that shit up. "Democracy Dies In Darkness" is, if you look closely enough at the palimpsest, covers the real truth - "Something Wicked This Way Comes".

The American middle class stands in the way of a Globalist meritocracy that seeks dominion over the thoughts, words and deeds of it's slaves. You will either "think right" and be "good whites" or you will be destroyed.

Fuck Google and fuck these cocksuckers.

Anonymous said...

Well, Chuck is sort of a "Chuck", and he does get wordy when he rants, but there are some good points buried in the above post.

It's the old "Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodietes" problem (" And Who Shall Watch Over The Guardians", hope I got that right, Father Alphabet, wherever you are.)

The Media on both sides of the Political Spectrum depend on sensationalizing their output to capture our attention so much that they've gone far beyond "reporting" and are now "creating"!

The biases that the Media have chosen to pander to are NOT representative of their audience, in my experience. People as a whole are far more moderate and restrained. The National Zeitgeist as reflected in the Media though, concentrates solely on the FREAK SHOW, totally ignoring substance for Extremism!

Ego-flaunting Babies desperate for attention, who in the past would have been dismissed with laughter and contempt, have dominated the Media's attention in the Sports and Entertainment Industries for decades, and the Babies have now seized control of Politics as well. Moderation is a thing of the Past, so far as any Media Attention.

I have hope that the collapse of Traditional Media that we are witnessing is a result of the Public's rejection of the Media's present state, and will eventually restore a sense of balance, but I am prepared for a period of "Yellow Journalism" online over the next few years before that happens.

I do recognize that it is far more easy and comfortable to read, watch, and listen only to subject matter that comforts and coddles you, but we're a curious sort of Monkey, and I think (hope?) that we'll peek behind the Curtains at some point.

chuck said...

There will be some comfort, considered here this day, in anticipation of a Progressive, "Demographics Are Destiny" victory in the ashes of what was once a great "City On A Hill". The death of the Occident, now imminent in Europe and under assault all over the world, will destroy the Judeo-Chritian ethos, the intellectual Western Canon, the Rule of Law and the Social Contract.

Social Media and the Interwebbs will provide a history for the descendants of Progressives so they can mitigate their shame and scorn the contemptible cowards in their families, who in a narcissistic, communal psychosis, a National Stockholm Syndrome paroxysm, pissed away the American National identity and replaced it with the "Metropolis".

Anonymous said...

The media were outed as biased political spinners long before Trump. Once the internet became widely available to expose their intellectual dishonesty, they were toast. That goes back to the 1990s.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ If it's on the internet it MUST be true.

Anonymous said...

ABC, after decades of bullshit, finally "suspended" the little lying rat ass hole that is responsible for the price of hamburger tripling and crashing the stock market for a day. Yeah I trust these leech ass holes - uh huh!

Super Dave said...

You can't be an activist and a serious media information reporter all at the same time.

Either you report what is fact or you protest and push your beliefs that is probably bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Trump is draining the swamp!!!

Anonymous said...

OK you right-wingers posting rants about who owns/controls the media.

Where were you when media consolidation went crazy over the last 30 years when the MIC bought the major media companies out?

You were cheering it on as private ownership turned into corporate ownership. No fan or, or loving the major media myself, I find it interesting that right-wingers love privatization & competition except...when they don't. Especially if it doesn't fit their mold.

Allowing Google to dominate the policing of the internet is not a good thing but it'd be just fine with you if you thought they were biased in your favor. Having Bezos purchase the Wapo is a bad thing except it is typical media consolidation that just doesn't seem to end.

Watch as AT&T gets to take over Time-Warner and now Merideth (a Koch mouthpiece) will buy out Tribune media and will then control 2/3 of the newspapers & TV stations in the U.S.

So...what is the answer?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like net neutrality is over.

Anonymous said...

12:40: Let us know where you find rants about who owns/controls the media. What I see are comments about how the media operate. I doubt that Pinch Sulzberger has to order his reporters to spin and distort; they are happy to do that anyway.

"So...what is the answer?" What was the question?