Friday, December 22, 2017

Dancing The Kansas City Midday Links

Hottie Miley for the holidays and just a bit of bittersweet local links. Take a look:

Making The Kansas City X-Mas List

Pawn & Pint Celebrates Festivus & Other Weekend Possibilities

Made in Kansas City, a local retailer, has opened a coffee shop with a dash of retail inside. The Made in KC Cafe (1114 Baltimore Ave.) debuted last week. It's using Messenger Coffee for espresso and plans to rotate other coffees behind the bar.

Shawnee Powerless For A Change

2 hurt, more than 2,000 lose power as flames rip through house in Shawnee

A fire in Shawnee forced three people to evacuate a home and left two in the hospital early Friday morning. The fire started at about 4:03 a.m. at a house in the 5000 block of Nieman Road. Firefighters arrived to find the house engulfed in flames.

Tragic Commute Aftermath

Police say 16-year-old girl from Blue Springs died in crash along I-70 at Noland Road Tuesday

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Independence police identified the woman killed in a crash Tuesday as a 16-year-old from Blue Springs. Police say Lauren Courtney died when two cars collided near I-70 and Noland Road. The impact threw Courtney from the car she was driving. Paramedics rushed her to the hospital, but she died from her injuries.

Kansas City Economic Forecast

Bank of America's Jankowitz: KC is a growth market - Kansas City Business Journal

Bank of America and its predecessor banks have been serving Kansas City for 131 years and it's the job of market president Gary Jankowitz to make sure people know the commitment to the area hasn't changed. In fact, it continues to grow.

Pitch Keeps Chugging Along

Building a foolproof KC sixer leaves me drunk on the possibilities

Photo by Zach Bauman It's a moving target, that threshold separating "fledgling adult-olescent" from "functional grown-up who opened a Roth IRA (while drunk)," but I suppose I've crossed it. I know this because I'm now expected to contribute to family holiday get-togethers.

Sound Of Local Retro

The Universe Told This Kansas City Bluegrass Band To Make A Christmas Record, So They Did

Every once in a while, a Kansas City band releases an original Christmas song. But it's unusual for area musicians to put out an entire album of holiday standards. That's what the bluegrass band Old Sound did this year, but making it happen involved something like a Christmas miracle.

Kansas City Football Hope

Kansas City Chiefs defense could enjoy a big game against the Miami Dolphins

The Kansas City Chiefs defense has come alive these last two weeks after struggling much of the season. Many think it has to do with the presence of safety Eric Berry being around the team and on the sidelines the last two home games.

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