Council 'Back On Track' With Edgemoor Secret #BetterKCI New Kansas City Airport Talks

A resolution approved today hopes to continue negotiations - It's not worth the paper it's printed on - If anybody bothered to print it out. Reality is that the MOU voted down makes it OPEN SEASON and nearly everything about this billion dollar deal is up for grabs. Here's a peek at the busted process . . .

The Airport and Transparency

In the lead-up to the November vote on tearing down Kansas City International Airport's terminals and building a new $1.2 billion single terminal, we editorialized on KMBC:Important details of the new terminal remain unknown. We don't know the final costs. We don't know the financing details, or how building contracts will be awarded.


  1. This entire project is a Max Sennett production.

  2. What a NIGHTMARE.

    This thing is going to cost Kansas City so much money. It will bankrupt us.

  3. poor burned and mcdouche thought they had this for a second time, would've loved to be a fly on the wall when slie told them he fucked up again!!!


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